Tuesday, March 1, 2011

a little bit of info for you

This picture is gross, I know. . . but I figured I'd post this and hopefully it can help someone else. We had a FF Boer doe kid a few weeks back. The birth was slow and the doe was pushing for probably a half hour before the kid came out. After the kid came out, in the amniotic fluid, there was a bunch of these gross looking little "wormy"/"gooey" type things.
It reminded us, years earlier we had an older Nubian doe give birth to twin bucklings, a little slow birth also, they were big boys and she had a hard time getting them out. Anyway, in their anmiotic sacks there were a bunch of these gross little things too. Everyone was fine so I never took a picture/asked anyone what it was.

SO, we took a picture of the ones at the FF Boer doe's birth, and I emailed them to an old time goat breeder (super knowledgeable). She told me it is meconium. It sometimes happens when the birth is slow, the kid poops a little while in there, and that's what it is. She said it doesn't hurt the doe or kid (which seems true, both kiddings that have had it everyone was fine).

So, I thought it was interesting! Incase anyone else had ever had it and didn't know what it was... there you go!

Have a great day!



Candi said...

Goodness, that sure is NASTY!
But thank you for sharing, I will store that away in my memory bank for the future(you never know...).

Linda Foley said...

Wow! I woulda never had a clue... glad you shared that!