Sunday, February 27, 2011

new babies and a Boer doe

Well, as if we didn't have enough baby goats. . . we came home with 6 bottle bucklings yesterday! 4 Nubians and 2 LaManchas. We also came home with a beautiful, giant Boer doe. Here's a few photos.

isn't he darling?!?

this is the last little one that hasn't accepted the bottle yet, I'm sure he will it just takes time on some of them.

This is the Boer doe. She doesn't look very big in the pictures, but she is taller and wider than every single doe out there.

This is a funny picture that we took Thursday night when we got home from a very muddy auction, haha!

my brother's litter of piglets are getting very big!!

and Mr. Puggy. The kidos brought them in the house the other day :).

Gotta go. Have a good night all!


Friday, February 25, 2011

ranch update

Well, there's not much to update about here on the ranch I guess. Don't have any pictures to post today.

No more babies are due till the 15 of March (or... they could have them as early as the 5th, but anyway...) makes for a nice break. We just have 5 bottle babies right now. 2 are scheduled to be picked up, 1 will probably be sold as soon as I make a phone call (she's just a couple days old though), and then the last 2 are staying here ("Mr. Pug" and the Doris/Lando doeling, no name yet).

Right now we are milking 12 does, and they are all doing great in the milking department this year. Very nice to have milk again!!

Yesterday it rained a lot, and we were at this auction and it was soo muddy! Glad to have Muck boots :)!

We still have a little hay left if you would like to get some before the next truck load comes. Just email me!

Have a good day!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MoReen kidded

Here's Dream Weaver's MoReen just a few hours before she kidded, 4 days overdue (bad goaty!). . .
And guess what? She had a single doe kid! She looks like she could still have a couple more in there, but nope. That's alright I guess. Although if she did have more that would have been fine too, because I have a waiting list for kids. . .

Right now we don't have any kids available. This morning we had a Boer doe and her buckling, and a Nubian/Saanen/Alpine bottle buck available, but they are off to their new home now. The 3 other Mini Nubian buck kids' sales are pending, the big "Princess" doe kid's sale is pending also. So, that means we have NO more kids available until someone else kids, and that's not till March 15 (yes, YES!! a break!!).

SO, since Mo just had a single, I brought in another doe kid to be her crate buddy for the night. . .

Mo's doe kid today,

This is Doris' blue eyed doeling. We are keeping her. . . I had not planned to keep really any doe kids this year because we have a ton of yearlings, and I really don't feel like raising a bunch of kids this year (would rather just milk lots of does instead of milk lots of does and raise kids). But, Doris was bred to Lando, one of the bucks that we lost this winter. Since we don't have a Doris kid or a Lando kid, we decided to keep her. And so, since I am keeping her, we'll have to keep another doeling as a friend for her after all the other kids are sold, right? We'll see (I'm sure we will).
She's blue eyed and is a tiny little thing. She needs a name! Any suggestions? Her sire's name was Dreamy-Hollow's HHB Lando, and her dam's name is PawPawNin Ditzy Doris.

This little colorful buckling is suppose to be going to his new home tomorrow along with his brother,

baby goats everywhere!

And this is "Mr. Pug", I'll have to come up with a good name to register him as but for a barn name, "Pug" has stuck.

Have a good day! We're enjoying the sunshine today!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kid pics

Just a couple quick kid pics from Friday! 4 doelings went to their new home on Saturday morning, 2 more to their new home this afternoon - yes!! We still have some bucklings for sale, and there's a waiting list for the girls!

MoReen is still holding onto those babies, she's 3 days overdue today, but she normally goes a bit over so it's alright.

Have a good night!


Friday, February 18, 2011

Kids, kids and more kids!

This morning we woke up to more kids! Clara, one of the new does, had a buckling and doeling sometime in the early morning hours. We pulled them off and milked Clara.

And last night, one of the cross-bred meat does kidded to a buckling. The birth was a little slow, and with a little help he came out! He's a little slow at getting started, but I think he'll be ok!

For the story of Doris' kidding. . . yesterday around noon she started pushing. Mom was gone in town, so I was the one that would have to go in if anything went wrong (which is fine, done it before. . . I just always talk Mom into going in for me :)!!). So Doris was pushing, and pushing, and 2 bubbles had come and popped. I had a gut feeling that everything was not OK, as normally she pushes and her kids come right out, quick. She'd been pushing for probably 25 minutes, and I could feel another bubble up in there. I decided to go in, and as soon as I went in I knew what I felt, and it was NOT good. I felt a backbone and ribs - no good! So because I knew exactly what I was feeling, it kind of stressed me out, even though I knew exactly what needed to be done. I got Mom on the phone, so she could tell me to calm down ;).
I went in, pushed the kid back in, went down and found it's butt/back legs and pulled it out. That was the dead kid, sad :( but it happens. I was just SO thankful I was able to get her out that easily. Then quickly after pulling her out, the rest started to fly out. A doeling that was back-feet first, then the buckling (correctly positioned) and the other doeling (also correctly positioned).

So that's the story ;). Everyone is doing good now. This is the baby crate in the house - 5 kids - Doris' 3 and Clara's 2.

Here's some better pictures of Hug's triplet buck kids. . .

This is the one we are keeping. Right now we are calling him "Pug", a mix between "Hug" and "Parker" :),

Well, we shall see what the rest of the day brings! I think I forgot to mention, but Starlight aborted her 1 1/2 month early babies Wednesday night :(. So sad, but it happens. She was having trouble with worms/cocci and got diarrhea. So it was either not treat her and possibly loose her, or treat her with drugs that were "safe for pregnant does", and we lost the kids. I mean, she could have aborted even if I hadn't treated her, but things happen and the best decision then was to treat her. Oh well, sad, but praise the Lord for all things!

Have a great weekend!


a beautiful picture from last night!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Goats, kid pics and more kids!

Well, just a few hours ago Doris kidded to quads, but one was DOA :(. The other 3 are doing great, one buckling and 2 doelings. I'll have to get some pictures and do another blog post with their story!

For this post though. . . Tuesday we were given more goats! A Nubian buck, who can be registered (his registration app. should be here Saturday), then 2 does that are Saanen/Alpine and 2 of their babies last year out of the Nubian buck, and then 1 little doe kid that was nursing on one of the older does. All are in great health, although they do need their feet trimmed (don't mind that!).

So here's some pictures. . .

The buck's name is Hershey, and he has quite the hairdo - he outdoes all our other bucks in that department! He is also very friendly and likes to play, and isn't too bossy (I *do* *not* like bossy bucks, LOL).

quite the hairdo!

This is Clara. She is supposed to be due in a week or two, and sure does look like it.

This is Heide. She is the mom to the little kid. We pulled the kid off the other day and so far, Heide is doing great in the milking department! Very easy to milk also! What a blessing. She's a bit shy, but should warm up to us humans quickly.

This is Hannah. We were told she kidded a few weeks ago but lost the kid.

And this is Zelda. I'm sure she's probably bred also because they have been running with the buck (not anymore!). She also needs those scurs banded... and that's fine, we have some experience with that ;).

whoops. . . and this is the baby! She doesn't have a name yet, but is finally learning to nurse on the bottle although she still hates me, LOL! I think she's pretty cute ;).

And for kid pictures, here are the 4 "older" doelings (they were the only doelings, besides the above doe kid, until Doris had her kids this afternoon!). Buckling pictures will wait until the next post (by the way, if you are looking for a nice buck kid, email me!!).

LaWanda's twins. They are most likely leaving Saturday morning along with Athena's doe kids below.

Athena's two doelings... the white one is pretty cute, huh?!

Well, time to go. . . have to try and convince the new buckling to finish his bottle and then I've got to milk. We now have 11 does in milk.

Have a great evening!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Athena kidded!

Yesterday around noon Athena (Snubian doe) kidded to twin does (YAY for does!!). Their sire is Junior Mint, a Mini Nubian buck, so I suppose you could call these doelings Mini Snubians?!? Right now I don't have any pictures, gonna have to snap some. One doeling is all white and the other is black/white.

All the other babies are doing good. The next 2 does due are Doris and Mo, both very wide.

It is very muddy outside, so thankful for my Muck boots in this kind of weather!! All the animals seem to be handling it fine though and enjoying the sunshine.

We had another load of hay delivered yesterday, we really needed it! If anyone needs hay, just let me know!

And if anyone is looking for the goat facebook page, Facebook disabled my account for some weird reason and I am working (hoping) on getting it back up soon, so for some reason the goat page went away with it. . .

Time to go, have a great day!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

LaWanda kidded!

LaWanda kidded this morning, right after milking. Twin girls, yes! Their sire is Topaz, our F3 buck - these are our first babies out of him.

They are much taller than the tiny-triplet boys born yesterday ;). Here's a few pics, not the greatest but they'll have to do for now.

Molly cleaning one of the babies,

Hug decided to help LaWanda clean the babies off. . . 


Friday, February 11, 2011

Hug finally kidded! Triplets!

Hug finally had her babies! She was 4 days overdue! She kidded to triplet bucks. . . we've definitely had a buck year so far, 6 bucks and 1 doe born, yikes!

The birth was super easy, praise the Lord!! All of them are pretty tiny but very hyper and healthy and they nurse really well.

I am probably going to keep one of them (not sure which one yet though), since their sire is Parker and we lost him a few weeks ago, don't think I ever mentioned it. The buck pen had been hit pretty hard with worms, and we tested and treated them, but we ended up loosing a few, and Parker was the last one. He put up a good fight and I "babied" him along for a little while, but he just couldn't make it. So, one of these boys will probably be a replacement for him.

Here's a few pictures, they all look different - pretty funny!

Oh, and one more picture of Mr. Peppy. . . I think he's pretty cute ;).

Now that hug's kidded, there are 4 more does due that could really go any day - yay! And Doris is really looking like she is going to have quads again this year, as usual - we've gotta get a picture of her, she is so wide!

Take care!


Peppy, the llama

Here's a few pictures of the 2 llamas out wondering around this morning. We ended up naming the baby "Peppy" (not sure if I've mentioned that before or not).

Have a good day!