Friday, February 11, 2011

Hug finally kidded! Triplets!

Hug finally had her babies! She was 4 days overdue! She kidded to triplet bucks. . . we've definitely had a buck year so far, 6 bucks and 1 doe born, yikes!

The birth was super easy, praise the Lord!! All of them are pretty tiny but very hyper and healthy and they nurse really well.

I am probably going to keep one of them (not sure which one yet though), since their sire is Parker and we lost him a few weeks ago, don't think I ever mentioned it. The buck pen had been hit pretty hard with worms, and we tested and treated them, but we ended up loosing a few, and Parker was the last one. He put up a good fight and I "babied" him along for a little while, but he just couldn't make it. So, one of these boys will probably be a replacement for him.

Here's a few pictures, they all look different - pretty funny!

Oh, and one more picture of Mr. Peppy. . . I think he's pretty cute ;).

Now that hug's kidded, there are 4 more does due that could really go any day - yay! And Doris is really looking like she is going to have quads again this year, as usual - we've gotta get a picture of her, she is so wide!

Take care!



Brenda said...

Your new babies are so pretty. And, your llama baby is really growing!