Friday, February 18, 2011

Kids, kids and more kids!

This morning we woke up to more kids! Clara, one of the new does, had a buckling and doeling sometime in the early morning hours. We pulled them off and milked Clara.

And last night, one of the cross-bred meat does kidded to a buckling. The birth was a little slow, and with a little help he came out! He's a little slow at getting started, but I think he'll be ok!

For the story of Doris' kidding. . . yesterday around noon she started pushing. Mom was gone in town, so I was the one that would have to go in if anything went wrong (which is fine, done it before. . . I just always talk Mom into going in for me :)!!). So Doris was pushing, and pushing, and 2 bubbles had come and popped. I had a gut feeling that everything was not OK, as normally she pushes and her kids come right out, quick. She'd been pushing for probably 25 minutes, and I could feel another bubble up in there. I decided to go in, and as soon as I went in I knew what I felt, and it was NOT good. I felt a backbone and ribs - no good! So because I knew exactly what I was feeling, it kind of stressed me out, even though I knew exactly what needed to be done. I got Mom on the phone, so she could tell me to calm down ;).
I went in, pushed the kid back in, went down and found it's butt/back legs and pulled it out. That was the dead kid, sad :( but it happens. I was just SO thankful I was able to get her out that easily. Then quickly after pulling her out, the rest started to fly out. A doeling that was back-feet first, then the buckling (correctly positioned) and the other doeling (also correctly positioned).

So that's the story ;). Everyone is doing good now. This is the baby crate in the house - 5 kids - Doris' 3 and Clara's 2.

Here's some better pictures of Hug's triplet buck kids. . .

This is the one we are keeping. Right now we are calling him "Pug", a mix between "Hug" and "Parker" :),

Well, we shall see what the rest of the day brings! I think I forgot to mention, but Starlight aborted her 1 1/2 month early babies Wednesday night :(. So sad, but it happens. She was having trouble with worms/cocci and got diarrhea. So it was either not treat her and possibly loose her, or treat her with drugs that were "safe for pregnant does", and we lost the kids. I mean, she could have aborted even if I hadn't treated her, but things happen and the best decision then was to treat her. Oh well, sad, but praise the Lord for all things!

Have a great weekend!


a beautiful picture from last night!


Brenda said...

I'm sorry about your losses, but as you've said.... it does happen and it is sad. You have so many pretty babies. You did a great job assisting with Doris's delivery.

Thomas said...

Yes, a great job!