Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Horn photos & preggo bellies

the horn (gross... I know),

the unicorn,

Rosie with a very pregnant belly,

And a sheep... Ewe-Neek I believe, with a very pregnant belly also,

Take care and goodnight!


Monday, December 27, 2010

Horn banding update...

About 2 something in the morning today, I was awoken to a goat screaming below in the stalls like something was seriously wrong. Me and Mom ran down here, plugged the light in, and one of the goats that had banded horns was standing there yelling. We soon realized that she had knocked her horn completely off. The horn was on the ground with a little blood, but she was barely bleeding. There was a little blood on her head so we put some blood stop powder on it and went back to bed. She also went back to sleep, thankfully! Today she seems just fine, just she's now a unicorn!

It's only been 17 days since we banded them - that is very fast for one to fall off already! The soonest I read that they would fall off would be 21 days, but hey, sooner is fine with me!

It was very cold this morning... 16 degrees or something like that, and all the water buckets were solid frozen.

Rosie, our first doe due, is on day 144 today - babies soon to come, Lord willing!

Well, some of my family will be leaving in a few days and gone till next year - wait, that's only a few days away :). I've gotta cook and plan a few things during the next few days for our New Year's Eve party on Friday night!

Have a great day!


Kind of OT: Parental Rights Amendment

Hello everyone,

There is a treaty put out by the UN called the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The US is the only UN country that has not ratified the treaty, which is a very good thing. This treaty would strip parents of their rights to their child’s education, health care and general raising of their child. It would give the rights that parents have now and should have to the child and the government. But, ultimately, if the child doesn’t agree with what the government thinks is best, the government will decide what is best for the child. This is horrible for our nation and will turn our country towards socialism.

We don’t hear about this on the regular news stations much, because most of the people pushing the ratifying of this treaty know that the average American does not want this perverted child’s rights.

But, there is a way to stop this, if everyone takes a stand against it. And that is in the form of a Parental Rights Amendment to the US Constitution. 7 Senators and 142 Congressmen are co-sponsors of this amendment already. But, the word needs to be spread more. This amendment would make sure that parental rights are not striped, even if the CRC were to be ratified.

You can sign an online petition at www.parentalrights.org. You can also see which of your senators and congressmen are co-sponsors of the bill. You can read the CRC and the Parental Rights Amendment at the above site too.

Parentalrights.org also has a video put together called “The Child” that goes into all the details, implications and problems the CRC would cause, as well as how the amendment would help. You can get the video for free or for a donation.  I’d suggest you watch the video and also get copies to pass out to anyone you know who could make a difference. The direct link for that is http://www.parentalrights.org/index.asp?Type=B_BASIC&SEC={58D0E1F1-4EA2-45BA-9B40-941D71ED987F}.

The fact that some want the CRC to be ratified needs to be known and it needs to be stopped. If American’s do nothing, then our country will become like Germany in Hitler’s days – socialist and communist – and Americans will lose their freedom even more. The parental rights amendment is extremely important!

Please pass on to everyone you can.

Thank you,

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Hello everyone,

Yesterday we (well, most of us) had a long day in the truck buying some rams, transporting them to another farm and then selling them. I had a great time rounding up animals and watching the guys chase sheep up and down the hill, LOL. We got everyone loaded in about 3 hours - not bad ;).

So, here are a few pictures from the day.

a couple deer fighting over bread that we were feeding them... ouch!

Have a great day!


Oh and by the way, her name is now 'Roxie",

Monday, December 20, 2010

New Dog

Last night we rescued a little dog. She's been at the soccer fields for a few weeks that my family plays on a few times a week, and I finally convinced them to bring her home. She is pretty thin, but super sweet and I think she'll fit in just fine here. I think she is already crate potty trained too. . .

But now she needs a name. . . suggestions??


Friday, December 17, 2010

photo update

Well, the week was going pretty smooth and normal until Tuesday. . . we had a crazy, busy, amazing, stressful day - all I have to say on here is, praise the Lord for His kindness!

With all the animals and the farm, life has been going pretty normal. We had another load of hay delivered this week - anyone want any??

My mom got her camera back yesterday - it takes great pictures, much better than the other camera. SO, here's some photos ;).

Buttercup. . . one of the does with banded horns,

Cadbury - buck kid from this year with bad scurs ;),

The does (on the left) and ewes (on the right) going out to pasture,

lil' Berry standing in the buck feeder,

some of my brother's piglets,

and Mr. Wyatt. . . he thinks he's the top buck right now!

Well, the weekend is coming and Saturdays are always a busy day for us! Hope you have a great weekend!

Wait, can you believe it - 2011 is about 2 weeks away?!? Yikes, this year has flown by fast!!


Sunday, December 12, 2010


I know, sorry everyone - I have been a cheezer on updating this blog, we've been busy (but isn't that normal?!)!

Let's see. . .

Friday afternoon we shaved around the bases of the new does' horns, and then banded them. For the first few hours they were not very happy, but got over it and now are no worse for wear. We'll see how this goes, I hope it works and goes well! From all I've read, it should. . .

It's been getting really cold - the low tonight is 6 degrees, yikes!! All the animals seem to be fairing well with the cold though so far. We've been feeding out a lot of hay, but then again - we have about 80 sheep and goats, so what should I expect. Right now we are finally, almost, down to milking 10 does twice a day. There are just 2 does that I'll probably only milk one or two more times (been milking them once a day), so we're pretty much just at 10. Very nice, in a way. Last year this time we were milking 7 does or less.

And guess what? Our first doe could have kids in a little over 2 weeks, yay!! Our friend got a 3 day old kid (looks like a Kiko) the other day and put it on a bottle - snuggling her makes me miss having baby goats, but not for long Lord willing.

On the other hand (not animal related, in other words), the other day we took an Irish dance class and then danced and stayed up late as usual for a Saturday night, so I am very tired right now and better get myself to bed!

Here's a few random pictures.

This is "Grandma" sporting her winter coat - which I think she really likes! She's such a sweet old goat. . .



Monday, December 6, 2010

new goats!

Well guess what, we got some new goats. 4 beautiful Alpine/Nubian cross doe kids that were born early this year. Yes, they all have horns - but, they were just given to us (along with about 30 chickens) and they are really nice does so they are going to be a "project." I plan on using the banding method to remove their horns. Somebody did a study on it, very interesting and it was very successful. I know of a couple of very knowledgeable goat ladies that have done it many times with success. If anyway wants the study, just email me.

SO, here are some pictures of them! They are all very friendly, which is nice!!




and Friendly,

So that's always fun and such a blessing.

Here's a quick picture of Miss Rhia. She's due early January. The first doe that is due is Rosie, and she is due January 2nd - that means we have less than a month till we should have kids - yikes!!!

Have a good day!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday's Featured Farmer!

Today I am Friday's Featured Farmer on T. Cupp Miniatures and Family Farm Blog. Thank you, Tammy!

You can click here to read the article.

If you would like to write an article up for her, you can go to her blog and contact her for more info.

Have a great weekend!