Monday, December 6, 2010

new goats!

Well guess what, we got some new goats. 4 beautiful Alpine/Nubian cross doe kids that were born early this year. Yes, they all have horns - but, they were just given to us (along with about 30 chickens) and they are really nice does so they are going to be a "project." I plan on using the banding method to remove their horns. Somebody did a study on it, very interesting and it was very successful. I know of a couple of very knowledgeable goat ladies that have done it many times with success. If anyway wants the study, just email me.

SO, here are some pictures of them! They are all very friendly, which is nice!!




and Friendly,

So that's always fun and such a blessing.

Here's a quick picture of Miss Rhia. She's due early January. The first doe that is due is Rosie, and she is due January 2nd - that means we have less than a month till we should have kids - yikes!!!

Have a good day!



Brenda said...

Your new does are very pretty. Good luck with banding the horns. You'll need to watch for infection as the bands work their way through the horns. I had one get infected one time and his whole face swelled up. I had to treat him with antibiotics and he got well.

I feel your "Yikes" on the due dates of the does. I have 4 due on January 4th, 3 due on the 6th, and 2 due on the 8th. Then they just keep coming for the next several weeks. I hope it's not too cold out in the barn! I have heat lamps for them and blankets for me. :D

Linda said...

Your new goat girls are pretty! I love that first picture!

Where the Acorns Fall said...

Goodness! It's hard to believe kidding season is SO CLOSE!!!

Please do post updates on how your banding experiment goes. I've yet to hear anything good about that procedure so I pray it works for
you :).

WTAF (formerly PA)