Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Bowles Rosie Cheeks kidded!

On Monday night, Rose (Toggenburg first freshener bred to a Saanen), had a few bubbles hanging out. We watched her but she didn't seem have be having much if any contractions at all. So we went in and found 2 big tangled kids (after trying to figure out what we were feeling). My cousin, who is a big guy, when in and it took about 40 minutes total to get both kids out. First what there was, was one kid's front legs, and the other kids head. So he pushed the head back, found the other kids head and pulled her out. Big healthy doe kid. The second kid wasn't going to come on its own either. So he got his head, couldn't easily find the legs, and pulled and pulled till his head finally came out, then he found his legs and out he came. Another big healthy kid, a buckling this time though. Momma was a little dazed - poor girl, this was her first kidding and it was probably the roughest kidding we've had here!

Rose ate grain and hay and had warm water and electrolytes available right afterward, while I milked her. She actually seems to be doing great for how hard the kidding was! Thankfully, about 4 hours after the kids were all out, her placenta came out fully. Rose is also started on Pen G to prevent infection.


Monday, January 19, 2009

6-goat milking stanchion is done!

Well, our 6-goat milking stanchion is done and in use! I really like how it turned out. It takes the does some getting used to, but it makes milking time much faster and easier. Here are a few pictures. Let me know if you want one too :).

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More babies! Nina, Lizzie & Piglet

I have been very busy with no time on the computer really!

On Wednesday, the 14th, The Bowles Nina (a Toggenburg doe) kidded to twins, buckling & doeling. They were sired by a Saanen buck. Unfortunately, the buckling didn't make it, but the doeling is doing great and is one spunky little girl!

Then on Friday, the 16th, Spirit Earth Lizzie (Nubian/Alpine experimental doe) kidded to twin bucklings! Both big and healthy, and hungry! Their sire is PawPawNin Junior Mint, a Mini-Nubian buck, as he was just to get the job done. So no special boys here, unless you'd like a cart wether or an unregistered buck with great milking genetics. One has already gone to his new home.

And last but not least, Good Goats JM Piglet kidded to twin doelings on Saturday, the 17th! BEAUTIFUL twin doelings! Their sire is PawPawNin Quiet Wyatt. One is polled, and both are extremely nice and colorful, great ears too. We are retaining the polled one and the other one is most likely already spoken for.

I'm hoping to update the website soon with pictures and all... but been really busy! OK, have a good night ya'll!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mo kidded!

Mo kidded today to twin bucklings, about 3 hours ago or so. Kidding went easy, Mo is doing good and so are the babies (hungry little guys!). They are both black with white ears and crown, and one has white markings on his legs and belly. I'll hopefully get pictures later or tomorrow and post them when I can ;). Oh and their sire is PawPawNin Quiet Wyatt so they are third generation bucklings.

Have a great evening!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Been busy with all kinds of things like caring for the whole Ranch while some of my family was on vacation, kids, auctions, etc... but had a chance to post.

Dream Weaver's MoReen (F2) is the next doe due... TODAY! She always either goes on her due date or a day or two later, so my guess is tomorrow or the next day. We'll see. She is bred to PawPawNin Quiet Wyatt for third generation kids. I'll post ASAP after the kids are born!

Other things going on at the Ranch are, the house and stalls are finally sprayed with the foam insulation so we can actually keep warm now! Praise the Lord! We *highly* recommend it! The company that did it for us is Ozark Foaming located in Arkansas and Missouri. Great company with a great product!