Friday, May 23, 2008

Moving to Oklahoma

We decided some months ago to move out of California. There are a variety of reason as to why. We have decided to move to Oklahoma at the end of August. We have several Mini Nubian bucklings that are for sale that are adorable. These little guys would add color and pizazz into any herd. Since we will be in CA a few more months, contact us for pictures of what we have available.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This year we have had 24 kids born. Two of those were Boers, the rest are Mini Nubians. I have really like all the kids this year - they have been turning out really nice and are very colorful, plus all the does are milking like pros. There are still 2, possibly 3, more does due to kid within the next month or so. Here is a doeling born this year (still learning how to use this blogger!).


Hello! I just set up this blog. We raise Mini Nubians in Southern California for milking purposes. You can see our goats at