Alpine Does

This page is a work in progress. . .

These are the Alpine does we currently have here at Good Goats.

Bar-Jon Honey Bun
Honey Bun is a beautiful, young doe. Thank you to John and Barbara, we got her back in the Fall of 2009 when she was in milk as a first freshener, and she has been milking ever since! She has a wonderful udder with super easy to milk teats, and a great personality.

Bar-Jon Hershey's Aruba
Aruba is another nice doe from the Bar-Jon herd. She has a great udder and is super easy to milk. Aruba kidded to 2 beautiful bucklings in 2010 out of Hull's Abraham's Lazerus, and we plan on keeping one back as our Alpine herd sire. Aruba is a colorful Alpine and is a sweet girl!

We were given Journey in 2010. She is about 6 years old or so, and is a very big girl. Her udder has a great attachment, but it is not the prettiest due to dam raising lots of kids, but she gives a ton of milk!! We were told Journey was not registered, but we have checked her ears and she has tattoos, which normally means they are registered. . . so we are going to check into that and hopefully we can get her papers!