Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lots of photos!

Lots and lots of photos here... enjoy! The kid count is up to 32 kids with 19 doelings and 13 bucklings so far. 


Lauren S. said...

You have some flashy kids there! I especially like the chamoisee (?) kid with blue eyes and the red roaned kid. So cute!

I couldn't find where I could contact you and I hope you don't mind my asking for help, but I'm having some baby goat trouble. She is a little over one week old and is a Nigerian Dwarf bottle baby. At three or four days old, I had to give her an enema because she was constipated. I gave her karo syrup in her milk. She had gotten colostrum. The next day, I gave her half goat's milk and half cow's milk since I wasn't milking our other does yet. The day after and since then, she has been getting whole goat's milk. She was fine, eating and having bowels, till yesterday when I didn't see any bowels from her. Did an enema and she's been having bowels fine since. Her last feeding of milk was at 10 or 11 last night. She seemed a bit bloated afterwards, so I haven't given her any milk since then. Overnight, she had a lot of scours and some white bowels (which means it's undigested food, right?). I have been trying to bottle feed her electrolytes and bloat treatment but once she got a taste of it, she refuses to touch it. She has been trying/ is sipping water out of a bowl and is pretty active otherwise and wanting to eat. She doesn't seem to be bloated this morning. I have C&D antitoxin due to arrive anytime now. I gave her 2cc's pepto bismol to help her not have so much scours so she won't get dehyrdrated. What do I do once I give her the antitoxin? I have penicillin (procaine) and probiotics on hand. Should I give her any of those? And, if so, how much? When can she start getting milk again? Thanks so much for your help! Lauren

Good Goats said...

Thanks Lauren!

Hmm, I am not sure with that kid. I would definitely give her probiotics and some C&D Antitoxin as soon as you get it. Does she have a fever? I wouldn't give her the Penicillin unless she starts acting bad or gets a fever.

If she is wanting to eat I would give her milk, just maybe not as much as the diarrhea and white poop, all this, could definitely be from getting too much milk.

You can email me at or find me on Facebook - Suriyah Fish. :)

Lauren S. said...

Thank you for replying. I just now got the antitoxin, 20 minutes after taking her temp, which is 101.9 * F. I gave her an oz of milk and electrolytes (half of each) with a 1/4 or so teaspoon of baking soda. Her tum seemed a bit bloated after feeding. She had a loose bowel when I took her out of her pen to walk around at 3pm. Lauren