Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Kid pics!

The only girl of the season... so far. She is out of Northwest Goats Lil' Prissy and Goat Town USA Powerhouse. She had a little rough start in life but is doing great now. Prissy, her mom, is now 10 years old, so a single doeling isn't too bad I'd say ;). Her name is Breathtaker.

 First kid of the season is this little... I mean, big guy. He's a spunky sweet thing and totally reminds me of his dad Heartbreaker (born here last year). He is out of one of our new spotted does Wheeze.

nothin' quite like a spoiled kid

 And the first MiniNubians of the year - two 4th generation boys out of Chicci and Patriot! The little one with white is polled.

 Last but not least this is the 2nd kid that was born this year - a flashy big guy out of our paint Boer doe and our spotted Nubian buck, Heartbreaker. He'll be available when weaned off his mom in April. We call him Primer.

Gotta go! Oh, and a quick note - if you are interested in any of our kids, shoot me an email! All of our kids are being raised on CAE prevention this year as well.



Lauren S. said...

Wow! That little doe is just beautiful! All the kids are so cute! ~Lauren :)