Sunday, October 31, 2010

31/21: Last Day

Guess what? Today is October 31st. That means it is the last day for the 31 for 21 Blog Challenge... Raising Awareness, One Blog at a Time!

I hope you've enjoyed my every day blog posts for the past month, even though sometimes they are not very exciting ;).
 Yesterday my sister Qadoshyah, did a post on her blog of 21 things about Osiyyah that make him unique and that she is thankful for. I have to agree with it!

I am so thankful that God gave us Osiyyah. He is such a special little man. He has grown and changed since he was little, but one thing has stayed the same - he makes us laugh at something every day, so many times a day!

Even though this "challenge" will be over, I'll still post on my blog :). . . just maybe not every single day!

Right now I am figuring out due dates for does and who REALLY needs to be bred, so I'm going to go. Have a good day.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

31/21: Lutalyse/bred does

So, what happens when a bunch of bucks get in the doe yard when a lot of does were in heat, that did NOT need to be bred especially to those bucks?!? 12 days-two weeks later I am giving *several* does Lutalyse so the does don't stay bred!

That's what I had to do last night and this morning. . . give 8 does lutalyse. Two weeks ago someone didn't close the do gate properly and the bucks got in there. Needless to say, the bucks are no longer let in the yard where they could get in with the does. Lutalyse is a hormone, so I am very careful when giving injections ;), and it is given IM, so that makes it easier.

Just a few photos.


Friday, October 29, 2010

31/21: from CA to OK!

We had goats in California, just a few less than we have now. . . right now we have about 45, in CA we had 25-30. We did not have much property, but we lived in the middle of nowhere so we would let our goats out and watch them browse for a few hours. Nobody cared and we saved some on feed. The only time of year when there was a fair amount of "growth" was in the Spring time. Most Springs there were tons of wildflowers and and a small amount of grass and sage. For the rest of the year, there was just dry sage and bushes. The picture below was taken in the Spring. Oh, and no trees really!

We brought about 25 goats from CA with us here to Oklahoma. First of all, we got a LOT more property and it was all goat fenced. The difference was/is amazing. There is good pasture for probably 9 months out of the year, and we can let the goats run on it all day long. The picture below was taken shortly after we moved to OK in the summer of 2008.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

31/21: Day 28!!

Well, it's October 28th and I haven't missed a post/day yet!! I had a busy day today, but what's new about that ;)?!?

I am not sure that I have ever shared the website called Got Down Syndrome. My sister Qadoshyah keeps it all updated (and really cute!). There's tons of info on there about Down Syndrome.

So, from the website, here is the FAQ (sorry, but it's late and this is easier than typing a whole long post :)).

Q: What is Down Syndrome?

A: Down Syndrome, also known as Trisomy 21, is caused when there is a triplication on the 21st chromosome. People with Down Syndrome have 47 chromosomes instead of 46, like people without Down Syndrome. This is the reason it is called Trisomy 21, being there are three 21st chromosomes instead of the usual two.

Q: Can Down Syndrome be cured?
A: Cured? No. But, can the processes and metabolic imbalances going on in their bodies be slowed? Absolutely! This is what Targeted Nutritional Intervention for Down Syndrome is all about. Please see our articles section for more information on that.

Q: Are there degrees of Down Syndrome?
A: No, there are not degrees to Down Syndrome. However some individuals with Down Syndrome may not seem as mentally retarded as others. Why would this be? This could be dependent upon the person's upbringing and what foods or vits they have had or not had. The individual may not be deficient in some things that DS people generally are deficient in. They may also be using TNI, or eating a diet high in anti-oxidants and foods that will help protect them from so much oxidative stress and the like.

Q: Are there different types of Down Syndrome?
A: There are 3 different types of Down Syndrome, they are - Full Trisomy 21, Mosaic DS and Translocation DS. Full Trisomy 21 is where all the cells have a third 21st chromosome in them. Mosaic DS is where there are two cell lines. Meaning, there are some cells that have the normal 46 chromosomes and there are some cells that have an extra 21st chromosome to them, making 47 chromosomes. Thus, that is where the mosaic pattern comes from. Translocation DS is where part or all of the third 21st chromosome is Translocated to another chromosome, usually chromosome 14. This only occurs in about 3-5% of the DS population.

Q: What does DS€ stand for?
A: Abbreviation for Down Syndrome.

Q: What does TNI€ stand for?
A: Abbreviation for Targeted Nutritional Intervention.

Q: What is Targeted Nutritional Intervention?
A: Please see our article, What Is Targeted Nutritional Intervention all about?

Q: I am expecting a child with Down Syndrome, what should I do?
A: First, start finding out all that you can about Down Syndrome and be ready to love that baby when it is born. You can see a lot of links with information on them on our Links page. You can also see a list of our recommended books on our Books page. We would also encourage you to look into Nutrivene-D and order the vitamins now, before your child is born, that way, when he is born, you can start giving it to him as early as possible!!

Q: I gave birth to a child with Down Syndrome, now what do I do?
A: Congratulations is the first thing to say!!! You have just been BLESSED with a wonderful Down Syndrome child. The very first thing to do is to love that child as much as you can. I would also highly suggest to research out all that you can about Down Syndrome. Some big things to look at are: Targeted Nutritional Intervention, Teaching Reading & Speaking to a child with Down Syndrome, Oral Motor Therapy.

Q: What are the first thing(s) you would recommend for someone who is new to Down Syndrome?
A: Targeted Nutritional Intervention would be the first thing. Secondly, we would recommend Oral Motor Therapy, not just Speech Therapy. See our articles section and links page for some more info on both of these.

Q: Are all people with Down Syndrome "retarded"?
A: In a way yes, but in a way no. In Down Syndrome, they have a progressive mental retardation. Brain cells start to die off earlier than individuals without DS. Individuals with DS also have more oxidative stress problems than individuals without. Thus, this is the reason for Targeted Nutritional Intervention (TNI) - to help slow down and prevent some of the cell death, oxidative stress/damage and retardation.

Q: Do people with Down Syndrome learn to talk?
A: Absolutely!! They can learn to talk, just like anyone else. They may have some difficulties, particularly because of their muscles in their mouth, but there are therapists who help with these issues. Sign Language and Cued Speech can also be helpful in this area.

Q: Do people with Down Syndrome learn to read?
A: Yes, they can learn to read just like anyone else. Again, they may have some problems with learning to read, but there is no reason they cannot. Sign Language and Cued Speech may also help with this.

Q: Can people with Down Syndrome live a normal€ life?
A: Yes, they absolutely can. There are quite a few who are. For a few examples of that please see the links below:
Erik Behnke
Chris Burke
Jane Cameron
Sujeet Desai
Karen Gaffney
Raymond Hu
Michael Johnson
Rachel Roberts
Ashley Wolfe
Carrie Bergeron

Q: Can Down Syndrome people get married?
A: Yes, they can. There are a few recent couples that have taken the step of matrimony. See the links below:
Sujeet Desai & Carrie Bergeron
Proposal ; Wedding Plans - Article 1 & Article 2 , Another link on Sujeet & Carrie , Wedding Photos
Josh Putnam & Bernadette Resha - Couple with Down syndrome Prepare to Wed
A Down Syndrome couple marry, from a mexican newspaper
Down's Syndrome couple celebrates their 2nd anniversary
Special Wedding For A Special Couple
- Jim Lindquis & Sarah Stanchfield - May I Have This Dance?
- Eric Neatrour & Christine Kurvits - Couple with Down syndrome win contest, exchange vows


I hope all those links worked. . . !!



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

31/21: routine

 Our routine now is to. . . milk our does, get all them off the stand, bring our "boarding" goats in and put them on the milk stand, put the kids in their yard (or at night, their stall), milk these goats, take them out, and then feed everybody. In the morning it takes about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. At night it takes about 45 minutes. . . partly because we are faster (not half asleep :)), and partly because we don't feed everyone hay at night (just some of the goats, like the bucks and kids that don't go out to pasture).

Last night Mom took a few pictures of us milking the Young's goats. . .

"O" sitting on the milkstand,

while their here, I've gotta take care of their feet. . . just because I like to :).

Here's an interesting fact for you. . . we've had at least 1 doe (but more like at least 4-5) in milk since January 25th, 2007. . . that's 3 years and 9 months, and I don't have any plans to be without a doe in milk anytime soon!
I enjoy milking and living on a real (goat) ranch. . .
In the summer months when 20 something does are in milk and it's 100+ degrees out, it can get a bit tiring, but I wouldn't want to change anything.
Or, when we kid out lots of does in the winter/spring and have to be up every 4- 6 hours to bottle feed kids.
Or when there is a sick animal that has to be tended to every few hours.
Or when it's below 0 outside and we have to get out there in the sleet and snow, and take care of animals. . . I really don't mind it and am super thankful for the way we live!

Oh, incase you didn't notice - I made a new banner for my blog (at the top), and also made a little logo thing incase you would like to link to me (see it on the right side underneath the "about me"), feel free to copy and paste it.

Hope you have a good day, on your ranch. . . or elsewhere ;).


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

31/21: goat sitting

Well, I am going to be "goat sitting" for the next week or so. We are milking 16 of our does, and then 5 of our friends' does that are here. More milk, which is good!!

I went out and got a few photos of the "front yard crew". It's 6 of the "boarding" goats, Cutie & Blondie, 2 sheep and the alpaca.

5 of the new goats,

Have a good day! Today is the 26th, there are only 5 days left in October! And only about a month till Thanksgiving... yikes! This year has gone by SOO fast.


Monday, October 25, 2010

31/21: my crazy day

WELL, I had a busy day today. Got up early and milked, then went to Tahlequah for a few things. Got home, did a few odd things, like watching several tons of sand get dumped across the street in my cousin's arena. . . that was probably the first time those guys had an audience that big :)!!

Then off to Tulsa we went. We traded a bunch of hay bales for a bunch of farm stuff. . . several sheds, buckets and things. Us and some friends did the deal and split the stuff up. The lady is moving out of state and sold out of all of her animals (some of which our friends bought ;)). After loading things for several hours, all of us went out to eat at Taco Bell. . . every wonder what 17 farm folks with a bunch of stuff strapped on trailers look like in Tulsa?!?
So, we did not get home from Tulsa until 8:15 or so, and since I milked earlier than normal the does were really wanting to be milked.

My dad also went a picked up a truck that my brother traded horse training for. It's in better shape then he had thought, so that's good!

Some of our friends are leaving for about a week, and they need us to milk some of their goats. So 6 goats are being boarded here for the next week. I'll have to snap a few pictures while they're here ;).

I'm tired. Have a good night!!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

31/21: sheep

It's a nice day today. My brother just sold 5 pigs and in a little bit someone is suppose to come to buy 6 of the Boer goats. . . good deal.

I don't have much to talk about, but since I don't mention much about the sheep we have. . . here's a few links with more info. I think we have 16 (?).


Saturday, October 23, 2010

31/21: life on the ranch

Well, life on the ranch here is going pretty good. Last night we (or should I say, my brother Norayah!!) brought home 17 pigs. So, if I am counting correctly, that means we have 32 pigs right now... yikes. But, they come and go all the time. There will probably be less tomorrow :). If anyone is looking to buy some cute little Pot bellied pigs or regular pigs, give my mom or brother an email or call (918-598-4007). . . they might just have what you want.

some of the new piggies,

Even this late in the year, we are getting stuff from the gardens... very nice!!

All the goats and sheep are doing well. This morning I was feeding Ace (Boer buck) his grain, and all the sheep, who normally are not very friendly, and the llama came up and were being kind of too friendly. But, it was alright ;).

Remember, if you are needing a buck email me, I'll give you a deal!!

Have a good day!


Friday, October 22, 2010

31/21: Orphanages & Institutions

Many people in the United States, especially the younger generation, do not know what an orphanage or institution is. The U.S. used to have them, but due to mothers being able to "diagnose" their child before it is born these days, they can abort (kill) their child, without "anyone knowing". The abortion rate for babies with down syndrome is about 90%! But God knows, and He will judge everyone according to their deeds.

An orphanage is a place where babies and young children are sent when, typically, their family does not want them. This is because their society views them as "different" and that they will make their life hard - because they are diagnosed with something - Down Syndrome, cleft palate, some "deformity". So, they hide them away in an orphanage where the child will lack in nutrition and love. Five year old kids, that have grown up in the orphanage, are normally the size of a 2 year old, or smaller. Some of the children that are not as "high functioning", are tied to a crib for hours out of the day. Lately, it has become a lot easier for families to adopt children out of these orphanages. It is AMAZING to see the difference once they are home and receive the love of a family, they thrive, both mentally and physically.

When they turn a certain age, I think it is 5 or 6, they are then transfered to an institution. It is the same kind of place, just for older children. Many children die shortly after moving to an institution. It is a LOT harder to adopt from an institution, if not impossible in some places.

It truly is horrible. But, nobody is going to get away with anything in this world and God will take care of it all.

Here are a few links with more info.

She Died An Orphan
The Lost Boys...A Mental Insitute

There's my post for today. I hope you learned something new, or got reminded, because that is reality, and thinking of all that - we are extremely blessed here. . .


Thursday, October 21, 2010

31/21: Animal Groups/Lists

I thought I'd post about some of the more helpful online and email groups for animals, especially goats.

The one online one that is very helpful is Dairy Goat Info. Since I am under 18, I cannot post (just their rules), but I read a lot on there.

Some of the better email groups are,
Northeast Oklahoma Hay & Feed Coop - well, me and mom are the owners, but it's a good list still :)!
HolisticGoats - very helpful when you have a goat problem, whether you want to treat it naturally or not.
NubianTalk - for all you Nubian goat folks!
Mid-AtlanticMinis - a very friendly group of Mini dairy goat people in the mid-atlantic!

So, not much else exciting going on today. Somehow I hurt my hip (not the first time) yesterday morning so I feel a bit lame, but I think it should get better ;).

Today is the 21st, so that means I only have 10 more days to do a post everyday, then I can get a break :)!!

Have a good day.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

31/21: Bucks for sale

Well, this morning around 9AM our power went out, and was out till about 1:30 or so. Thankfully we had already milked and watered the livestock so that made it easier :), since when our power goes out we have no water.

Our buck pen is getting a little too full, so that means it's time to sell a few of the boys. If you are looking for a nice Mini Nubian (or possibly Boer & Alpine) buck, please email me and we can talk. Prices will be good (for you!).

I can't upload any pictures to blogger right now for some reason - it says they are disabled for a little bit. Oh well, no pictures for today I guess1

Have a good Wednesday!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

31/21: Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do!

Sorry everyone about my post last night. I was coming in from outside to do one, and then the storm hit and there was all kinds of lightening, pouring rain, etc. So, when a storm that bad comes, we normally unplug the internet so it doesn't go out. Anyway, this morning there was a break and right when we were done milking it started again! It makes doing the animal chores a bit harder, but it is a blessing as we needed some rain.

I thought I'd so a post about my sister's and mom's book that they wrote. Soon after my brother was born, they thought they should write a book about all the things you can do to help a child with Down Syndrome live a normal life. When Osiyyah was born, we were given the "doom and gloom" info that he'd never be able to do this or not. He has lived way beyond their expectations! So anyway, this book is full of information from doctors, therapists, parents, siblings, and more to inform people about down syndrome. Plus, this book is HUGE and the price is so cheap!

Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do!

Have a good day ya'll!


Monday, October 18, 2010

31/21: storm!

I was going to do a better post than this but there is a storm right now and we might have to unplug the internet. So, goodnight!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

31/21: Buddy Walk

The DSAT Buddy Walk was today and was a big success! Our whole little petting zoo went great, especially for it being our first time to do it. It went so well, I am so thankful it did! Setting up went pretty quick, everyone LOVED the animals, there were no accidents or anything, and packing up was easy. There were a few small things just to keep in mind to change, but they're minor things like the tablecloths were a pain because of the wind, so I don't want to bring them next year, etc.. But no big deal!

We brought 5 goats - Rhia (older Nubian girl w/ almost no teeth so she couldn't bite anybody, LOL), Hug (bottle raised Mini Nubian doe), Cutie Booty (everybody should know who she is by now :)), Blondie (bottle kid, Cutie's friend), and one of our friends' goats named Oreo (Alpine bottle kid). We had 1 bottle raised sheep named Coasty, and she did way better than I expected her to. She loved being petted by everyone. Then we had 5 bunnies - 2 meat bunnies, 1 adult Mini Lop and 2 younger Mini Lops.

And then my other sister also brought her Bullmastiff "pup", Canuck. Everyone really likes him.

This is while we were still setting up. . . you can see all the goats and the sheep in this picture.

Some of us took a "break" from setting everything up and did a dance!

One of the tables,

Letting someone pet Cutie,

Everyone really liked Rhia too. . .

Well, I'm pretty beat and someone else has got to get on this computer! Have a great night!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

31/21: Buddy Walk is Tomorrow!!

The Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa Buddy Walk is tomorrow!! It's free to come, so cruise on over to the track at Union High School in Tulsa and hang out for a few hours! It's from 1:15PM to about 4PM.

I think we'll be ready... hopefully :). Two of my brothers have a soccer game tomorrow, so we're going to have to do without their help :(, but I think it'll be fine cause lots of "us" are going! We're planning on bringing pigs, goats, sheep, bunnies and a giant. . . okay, a Bullmastiff.

Have a good day and hopefully we'll see you there!


Friday, October 15, 2010

31/21: busy day, just a couple pics!

Gotta get ready to go in a minute, so here's just a couple of pictures. Cutie, the kid, is getting SO big!

And remember everyone, the Buddy Walk is on Sunday!

Take care y'all!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

31/21: Living with food allergies

I thought I'd briefly talk about living with food allergies. When my little brother, Osiyyah, was a couple years old, we realized that he was allergic to cow milk/cow dairy. Until just about a year ago or so (I'm not super good with time-frames, so bare with me :)), we didn't realize that he was *VERY* allergic to cow dairy. He can have a tiny bite of rice with cow butter on it, or cheese, or sour cream, etc. (all made from cow's milk) and he will have bad reflux/choking. Thankfully, God has been very kind, and he has never had pneumonia from it.

After we removed cow dairy from his diet, he would still have the reflux, just not as bad. My sister and Mom researched and we decided to remove gluten from his diet. Gluten is in wheat, rye and barley. It is hidden in SO many things you would not believe. Some very odd things like some Twizzler candies have gluten in them! After removing the gluten from Osiyyah's diet, he has been reflux-free ever since. If he accidentally gets a little "cow" or "wheat" (according to him), he will have an allergic reaction - reflux, and it can be super bad.

So, after finding all that out, we learned that there is a genetic thing most of the time, especially with the gluten allergy. So slowly, a lot of my family went off gluten. The changes have been amazing in some. My 18 year old brother has had stomach issues, tiredness and aching legs for a lot of his life. Once going off of gluten, his symptoms have  gone away. He is really, really sensitive to it. He can eat something with a tiny amount of wheat in it, and within a few hours he's on the couch with his legs hurting saying, "what did you feed me?!?" It's really amazing and he's not the only one.

There are 3 different "stages", I guess, with the gluten thing. You can just have a gluten intolerance, a gluten allergy or you can have Celiac disease where when you eat anything with gluten, it eats away part of your intestine - no good!

Most people will say that is is "hard" to live gluten free. Convenience-food wise, yes, it could be. But, as a family of 13, it has not been hard at all hardly! We are used to making a lot of food from "scratch". Really the only thing that we removed from our diet was breads/pastas, as that was the main thing we would eat that had gluten in it. The goats have been a huge blessing, especially with Osiyyah's high allergy to cow dairy, as we can make goat butter, goat cheese, goat everything!

Anyway, I hope you found that interesting!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

31/21: 200th post!

This is my 200th post on this blog... woohoo :)! I'm going to just leave you with a few random photos!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

31/21: today. . .

. . . I worked on buddy walk stuff for a lot of the day, just doing odds and ends for it. I finished 1 poster, and made a notebook full of info (that took the longest).

This morning some friends came over to help butcher the hog with my brother, so while they were all cutting and packing meat, I was working on this stuff (I'm not the butcherer anyway. . .).

We had these miniature hay bales, got them from an auction probably. I think they are cute, and am probably going to use them for decoration. So, me and some friends wondered if we could make them. We tried, and decided that they must be made with a machine - they are packed SO tight. So instead, we made our own mini hay-bale type of things - they're still cute (the one in the pic is not a good one!), just not as cute as the others :).

After doing things like that all day. . . except I did have a "break" and loaded 28 hay bales. . . we decided to learn a new line dance which I got down fairly well (my sister "Q" being the teacher), and then we danced the ones we already knew and got our workout ;). Very fun!

So, there's my post for today. Have a great evening!


Monday, October 11, 2010

31/21: Buddy Walk Prep

We only have 6 days... almost 5 days... till our Buddy Walk. My sister Qadoshyah is running a booth for Reece's Rainbow adoption ministry, and we are having the small animal petting zoo. SO, we have not prepped for it that much and I keep telling my whole family -"the buddy walk is in 2 weeks". . ."the buddy walk is in a week!". . ."the buddy walk is in 6 days, we have to get ready!!" :). So today, I started to make posters and things for our booth. I think everything should come together pretty well, but we do have to do some things otherwise we will end up running out of time. Tomorrow, Mom said, we are going to work on the Buddy Walk things.

Tonight I finished a sign, and am working on information sheets on the animals. I have to work on getting all the pens together and everything organized.

Tomorrow it's going to be a bit busy in here I think - my brother, Norayah, slaughtered a hog he's been raising to put in our freezer (for us to... cook) and in the morning some friends are coming over to help with the processing. And then we'll be doing the Buddy Walk stuff. . . hopefully.

Well, I hope I wasn't too boring with this post for you today! I just went through the iPhoto library and picked a few pictures out that were taken today.

None of the goats in the picture below are pregnant :). . . healthy goats!

these piglets are SO cute!! They are wild and run all over.


Have a good night!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

31/21: At the Fair

Well, obviously I did not have the time (or brain power, I guess) yesterday to schedule a blog post for today. . . it's late, but it's still today :)!

I got up at 5:45am to milk the goats, they weren't all too happy about that but got over it quickly. We got to the fair a little bit after 8am. The reason we were going was because my sister entered rabbits in the show on Friday, someone showed for her Saturday since she couldn't be there, and then we went today (Sunday). And I guess I didn't have to go, but wanted to for the fun of it.

SO, I've never really been to the Tulsa State Fair before... yikes, it's HUGE!! There were a crazy amount of rabbits, and they were also showing beef cattle, Boer goats, llamas and whatever else I am forgetting. It was fun, but I'm tired! Here are a few pictures from our day with captions, enjoy ;).

These were Percheron draft horses, their owners were getting them ready to pull the cart. These things were giant! One of the guys grooming them was 6'2" and the horses withers were still a few inches taller than him. . . very neat animals!

This little alpaca was in the petting zoo. He/she wasn't super friendly but not too wild.

Osiyyah watching some of the petting zoo goats. They were friendly for feed and a few were just friendly, but then one of the workers went in there to catch a kid for a photo and obviously didn't know what he was doing. . . or was just making a show. . . and was jumping/jerking/chasing these goats all around the pen, just to catch this little kid. The goats were all freaked out by the time he was done and all the spectators were laughing. . . poor things (the goats, that is).

 "O" petting a turtle. . . he liked them a lot ;).

This 4-horned Jacob ram was in the petting zoo. . . he was tired!!

Some of us next to the camel. . . it's feet were pretty big.

These things were in the petting zoo and weren't very "pet-able" :). I forget what they were called though. . .

That's all the photos for now. . . and of course we didn't get ANY of the rabbit area.

I hope you had a good weekend, I did! Have a good night!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

31/21: Piglets!!!

Well, I had a crazy morning. . . . and I guess we all did! The whole house was awoken to Mom running in saying "Wake Up! The pig is having babies!!". So everyone ran down to the pig pen. It is my brother's pig. He's raised her since she was pretty small and then bred her. She has had 6 piglets, and I think she is probably done. They are big healthy piglets and are so cute! She had 4 girls and 2 boys. One of the boys was having a bit of a problem figuring out how to nurse, but I think they should all be fine. There are 3 black and white ones, 1 solid red, one brownish one and one red and white one... I think ;).

big mama pig!

So after all that, I was already over an hour late for milking. I was coming back up and my other brother said "Hey, can you come help me? It'll only take 5 minutes." Alright, so I went and helped him and it did only take about 5 minutes :). He wanted me to give the new pigs their shots while he held them. When that was done, I was half-way deaf from all the screaming, those pigs are LOUD! The picture below is my brother with the 11 new pigs that we were vaccinating (that he got from the livestock auction last night). . . not sure what he is doing in this picture. . . sneaking up on them I guess :).

I finally was able to get the goats milked and fed, and also finally fed myself breakfast. When we got home last night, there was a box of laying hens in our bathroom - yuck! One of our friends had gotten them for us... thanks ;).

I just got done loading 20 bales of hay for a guy and am finally able to sit down and write this. Tomorrow is suppose to be another crazy day. . . going to the fair because my sister is showing rabbits, and I think I'll just go for the fun of it :)! So, I might actually schedule a blog post for tomorrow since I probably won't have the time.

Have a good day ya'll!