Monday, October 11, 2010

31/21: Buddy Walk Prep

We only have 6 days... almost 5 days... till our Buddy Walk. My sister Qadoshyah is running a booth for Reece's Rainbow adoption ministry, and we are having the small animal petting zoo. SO, we have not prepped for it that much and I keep telling my whole family -"the buddy walk is in 2 weeks". . ."the buddy walk is in a week!". . ."the buddy walk is in 6 days, we have to get ready!!" :). So today, I started to make posters and things for our booth. I think everything should come together pretty well, but we do have to do some things otherwise we will end up running out of time. Tomorrow, Mom said, we are going to work on the Buddy Walk things.

Tonight I finished a sign, and am working on information sheets on the animals. I have to work on getting all the pens together and everything organized.

Tomorrow it's going to be a bit busy in here I think - my brother, Norayah, slaughtered a hog he's been raising to put in our freezer (for us to... cook) and in the morning some friends are coming over to help with the processing. And then we'll be doing the Buddy Walk stuff. . . hopefully.

Well, I hope I wasn't too boring with this post for you today! I just went through the iPhoto library and picked a few pictures out that were taken today.

None of the goats in the picture below are pregnant :). . . healthy goats!

these piglets are SO cute!! They are wild and run all over.


Have a good night!