Sunday, October 17, 2010

31/21: Buddy Walk

The DSAT Buddy Walk was today and was a big success! Our whole little petting zoo went great, especially for it being our first time to do it. It went so well, I am so thankful it did! Setting up went pretty quick, everyone LOVED the animals, there were no accidents or anything, and packing up was easy. There were a few small things just to keep in mind to change, but they're minor things like the tablecloths were a pain because of the wind, so I don't want to bring them next year, etc.. But no big deal!

We brought 5 goats - Rhia (older Nubian girl w/ almost no teeth so she couldn't bite anybody, LOL), Hug (bottle raised Mini Nubian doe), Cutie Booty (everybody should know who she is by now :)), Blondie (bottle kid, Cutie's friend), and one of our friends' goats named Oreo (Alpine bottle kid). We had 1 bottle raised sheep named Coasty, and she did way better than I expected her to. She loved being petted by everyone. Then we had 5 bunnies - 2 meat bunnies, 1 adult Mini Lop and 2 younger Mini Lops.

And then my other sister also brought her Bullmastiff "pup", Canuck. Everyone really likes him.

This is while we were still setting up. . . you can see all the goats and the sheep in this picture.

Some of us took a "break" from setting everything up and did a dance!

One of the tables,

Letting someone pet Cutie,

Everyone really liked Rhia too. . .

Well, I'm pretty beat and someone else has got to get on this computer! Have a great night!



Brenda said...

Looks like it was a wonderful day and a great success!