Monday, October 25, 2010

31/21: my crazy day

WELL, I had a busy day today. Got up early and milked, then went to Tahlequah for a few things. Got home, did a few odd things, like watching several tons of sand get dumped across the street in my cousin's arena. . . that was probably the first time those guys had an audience that big :)!!

Then off to Tulsa we went. We traded a bunch of hay bales for a bunch of farm stuff. . . several sheds, buckets and things. Us and some friends did the deal and split the stuff up. The lady is moving out of state and sold out of all of her animals (some of which our friends bought ;)). After loading things for several hours, all of us went out to eat at Taco Bell. . . every wonder what 17 farm folks with a bunch of stuff strapped on trailers look like in Tulsa?!?
So, we did not get home from Tulsa until 8:15 or so, and since I milked earlier than normal the does were really wanting to be milked.

My dad also went a picked up a truck that my brother traded horse training for. It's in better shape then he had thought, so that's good!

Some of our friends are leaving for about a week, and they need us to milk some of their goats. So 6 goats are being boarded here for the next week. I'll have to snap a few pictures while they're here ;).

I'm tired. Have a good night!!