Tuesday, October 19, 2010

31/21: Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do!

Sorry everyone about my post last night. I was coming in from outside to do one, and then the storm hit and there was all kinds of lightening, pouring rain, etc. So, when a storm that bad comes, we normally unplug the internet so it doesn't go out. Anyway, this morning there was a break and right when we were done milking it started again! It makes doing the animal chores a bit harder, but it is a blessing as we needed some rain.

I thought I'd so a post about my sister's and mom's book that they wrote. Soon after my brother was born, they thought they should write a book about all the things you can do to help a child with Down Syndrome live a normal life. When Osiyyah was born, we were given the "doom and gloom" info that he'd never be able to do this or not. He has lived way beyond their expectations! So anyway, this book is full of information from doctors, therapists, parents, siblings, and more to inform people about down syndrome. Plus, this book is HUGE and the price is so cheap!

Down Syndrome: What You CAN Do!

Have a good day ya'll!