Sunday, January 18, 2009

More babies! Nina, Lizzie & Piglet

I have been very busy with no time on the computer really!

On Wednesday, the 14th, The Bowles Nina (a Toggenburg doe) kidded to twins, buckling & doeling. They were sired by a Saanen buck. Unfortunately, the buckling didn't make it, but the doeling is doing great and is one spunky little girl!

Then on Friday, the 16th, Spirit Earth Lizzie (Nubian/Alpine experimental doe) kidded to twin bucklings! Both big and healthy, and hungry! Their sire is PawPawNin Junior Mint, a Mini-Nubian buck, as he was just to get the job done. So no special boys here, unless you'd like a cart wether or an unregistered buck with great milking genetics. One has already gone to his new home.

And last but not least, Good Goats JM Piglet kidded to twin doelings on Saturday, the 17th! BEAUTIFUL twin doelings! Their sire is PawPawNin Quiet Wyatt. One is polled, and both are extremely nice and colorful, great ears too. We are retaining the polled one and the other one is most likely already spoken for.

I'm hoping to update the website soon with pictures and all... but been really busy! OK, have a good night ya'll!