Monday, December 27, 2010

Horn banding update...

About 2 something in the morning today, I was awoken to a goat screaming below in the stalls like something was seriously wrong. Me and Mom ran down here, plugged the light in, and one of the goats that had banded horns was standing there yelling. We soon realized that she had knocked her horn completely off. The horn was on the ground with a little blood, but she was barely bleeding. There was a little blood on her head so we put some blood stop powder on it and went back to bed. She also went back to sleep, thankfully! Today she seems just fine, just she's now a unicorn!

It's only been 17 days since we banded them - that is very fast for one to fall off already! The soonest I read that they would fall off would be 21 days, but hey, sooner is fine with me!

It was very cold this morning... 16 degrees or something like that, and all the water buckets were solid frozen.

Rosie, our first doe due, is on day 144 today - babies soon to come, Lord willing!

Well, some of my family will be leaving in a few days and gone till next year - wait, that's only a few days away :). I've gotta cook and plan a few things during the next few days for our New Year's Eve party on Friday night!

Have a great day!



Linda said...

I don't remember seeing a post of the banding. Did you put one up?

Good Goats said...

Yeah, I just had a paragraph in this post about it here -

Linda said...

Oh ya I remember reading that. I just though maybe you had pictures or something... thanks though!

Good Goats said...

I plan to put some pics up in a day or two.

Linda said...

That's great! I will be watching for them... *smile*

Where the Acorns Fall said...

I've always read that goats have LOW pain tolerance! I guess your doe is proof to that =).
I had a doe once that got her horn (she was a unigoat when I bought her due to someones mistake)ripped off and I wasn't banding it or anything!! I think she got it stuck on the buck's collar and someone pulled the wrong way. But anyways the horn only grew back to be about 1" long instead of the 4" that it started out as!
The weird thing was that she acted like nothing had happened (ouch!).

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date!