Friday, December 17, 2010

photo update

Well, the week was going pretty smooth and normal until Tuesday. . . we had a crazy, busy, amazing, stressful day - all I have to say on here is, praise the Lord for His kindness!

With all the animals and the farm, life has been going pretty normal. We had another load of hay delivered this week - anyone want any??

My mom got her camera back yesterday - it takes great pictures, much better than the other camera. SO, here's some photos ;).

Buttercup. . . one of the does with banded horns,

Cadbury - buck kid from this year with bad scurs ;),

The does (on the left) and ewes (on the right) going out to pasture,

lil' Berry standing in the buck feeder,

some of my brother's piglets,

and Mr. Wyatt. . . he thinks he's the top buck right now!

Well, the weekend is coming and Saturdays are always a busy day for us! Hope you have a great weekend!

Wait, can you believe it - 2011 is about 2 weeks away?!? Yikes, this year has flown by fast!!



Brenda said...

Great photos! I think Buttercup is a very pretty little doe.

~*~ Shar ~*~ said...

Buttercup has a beautiful pattern and coloration! What a cutie!

Good Goats said...

Thanks gals. . . I think she's pretty cute too!

~*~ Shar ~*~ said...

Buttercup is a mini Nubian, right? So she'd be considered to be a buckskin if so?

I added your blog to my blog's links of places I visit online. I hope that's ok being you have the link for the pic with the HTML. My blog is:

Good Goats said...

No, Buttercup is a Nubian/Alpine cross doe. But yes, her color is called buckskin.

No problem about the link - thank you!