Sunday, December 12, 2010


I know, sorry everyone - I have been a cheezer on updating this blog, we've been busy (but isn't that normal?!)!

Let's see. . .

Friday afternoon we shaved around the bases of the new does' horns, and then banded them. For the first few hours they were not very happy, but got over it and now are no worse for wear. We'll see how this goes, I hope it works and goes well! From all I've read, it should. . .

It's been getting really cold - the low tonight is 6 degrees, yikes!! All the animals seem to be fairing well with the cold though so far. We've been feeding out a lot of hay, but then again - we have about 80 sheep and goats, so what should I expect. Right now we are finally, almost, down to milking 10 does twice a day. There are just 2 does that I'll probably only milk one or two more times (been milking them once a day), so we're pretty much just at 10. Very nice, in a way. Last year this time we were milking 7 does or less.

And guess what? Our first doe could have kids in a little over 2 weeks, yay!! Our friend got a 3 day old kid (looks like a Kiko) the other day and put it on a bottle - snuggling her makes me miss having baby goats, but not for long Lord willing.

On the other hand (not animal related, in other words), the other day we took an Irish dance class and then danced and stayed up late as usual for a Saturday night, so I am very tired right now and better get myself to bed!

Here's a few random pictures.

This is "Grandma" sporting her winter coat - which I think she really likes! She's such a sweet old goat. . .




Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

tell Grandma she looks stunning. We're going through the hay faster than we hoped, our goats haven't been able to get out and browse.