Thursday, February 3, 2011

a post... finally!

Okay, I'm sorry for not posting on here sooner!! I really meant to yesterday, but we've had guests over since Saturday so things have been "busy" (in a good way), I guess!!

We did get really dumped on with snow starting Monday night and all day Tuesday. We got over a foot of snow at least and the drifts are a few feet tall. The animals all seem to be fairing well, praise the Lord!

I think it was Tuesday and we found a little lamb that was born out in the snow, poor thing! Her and her mom were brought back in the stalls, and I think she got a bit of hypothermia because she wasn't acting right until we brought her in the house the other night and she warmed up, now she's fine back in the stall with her momma. Another ewe also looked like she was going to go so she was brought back in the stall and she had a big ramling that needed a little assistance coming out. Then today another ewe was in labor so she was brought back and had a good sized ram also. So, I guess this weather has thrown several of the sheep into labor!! Thankfully we only have ONE doe (goat) due right now and she's just been hanging out right out the back door.

In the "stalls" that I keep mentioning, it is much warmer. For example, this morning it was -6 F (yes... COLD!!) but in the stalls it was only 22 F. . . not bad for it just being insulated but open!

Here's a few photos from the past week!

the milkers going back to their barn,

Honey Bun venturing out in the snow,

this is the eweling that was born out IN the snow,

these were born before the storm, the mom is nursing the 2 rams and we are bottle feeding the ewe,

and yet another little lamb,

I really don't like the snow because it does make doing milking and feeding chores much harder, but it is SO beautiful!! (and there are benefits to it ;)!)!

Have a great night, and again, I am sorry for not getting to this sooner!!



Brenda said...

That's a lot of snow! We got hit by the same snow storm and cold blast. It does make chores so much harder.

Your lambs are sweet ... very cute.

~*~ Shar ~*~ said...

Good job finding the lamb in time to save it! Congrats on your new little lambies!