Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Athena kidded!

Yesterday around noon Athena (Snubian doe) kidded to twin does (YAY for does!!). Their sire is Junior Mint, a Mini Nubian buck, so I suppose you could call these doelings Mini Snubians?!? Right now I don't have any pictures, gonna have to snap some. One doeling is all white and the other is black/white.

All the other babies are doing good. The next 2 does due are Doris and Mo, both very wide.

It is very muddy outside, so thankful for my Muck boots in this kind of weather!! All the animals seem to be handling it fine though and enjoying the sunshine.

We had another load of hay delivered yesterday, we really needed it! If anyone needs hay, just let me know!

And if anyone is looking for the goat facebook page, Facebook disabled my account for some weird reason and I am working (hoping) on getting it back up soon, so for some reason the goat page went away with it. . .

Time to go, have a great day!