Sunday, February 27, 2011

new babies and a Boer doe

Well, as if we didn't have enough baby goats. . . we came home with 6 bottle bucklings yesterday! 4 Nubians and 2 LaManchas. We also came home with a beautiful, giant Boer doe. Here's a few photos.

isn't he darling?!?

this is the last little one that hasn't accepted the bottle yet, I'm sure he will it just takes time on some of them.

This is the Boer doe. She doesn't look very big in the pictures, but she is taller and wider than every single doe out there.

This is a funny picture that we took Thursday night when we got home from a very muddy auction, haha!

my brother's litter of piglets are getting very big!!

and Mr. Puggy. The kidos brought them in the house the other day :).

Gotta go. Have a good night all!



Slightly Askew Studios said...

The length of ears is incredible on that buckling in the first picture. Why buying so many bucklings? Meat?

Good Goats said...

No, not meat. I have people constantly looking for bottle babies, so just to resale. Get 'em hooked on the bottle good and find 'em another home. So far, so good. One is already gone and a couple others may be sale pending. We'll see!