Wednesday, February 9, 2011

MORE snow!

Sorry for not posting on here more! I've been really sick the past few days. Yesterday I didn't milk at all (and for me to not milk... that means I'm really sick!), Mom and my little sister had to do it.

Guess what?!? We got more snow! I really wish some of it would go away 'cause we really need to get a truckload of hay in here! But, praise the Lord for it all. Hopefully this will make the pastures all very green and good for all the livestock!

Still no goat babies. Hug is on 152 today and really looks like she needs to go, but she's holding out - which is okay with mean, because I really don't feel like birthing kids right now ;). SO, Hug is on day 152, LaWanda is on day 147, Athena is on day 145, and Mo & Doris are on day 142. Then there are lots more does due after that. Pretty soon here this place should be hoppin' with baby goats!

We did have a couple more lambs born though. Here are some pictures from the past few days.

the newest lamb playing on it's momma,

Meesha in her little barn this morning,

hungry pigs!

snow. . .

Have a good day!



Where the Acorns Fall said...

Hey, Suriyah!
Sorry to hear that your not feeling the greatest :(

Kidding season started yesterday for us! One of my first time fresheners, a Lamancha/Nubian gave us twins!
We only have 3 does, but that's enough for us as we also have 4 milk cows!!

Hope your back out there milking soon :)