Friday, February 25, 2011

ranch update

Well, there's not much to update about here on the ranch I guess. Don't have any pictures to post today.

No more babies are due till the 15 of March (or... they could have them as early as the 5th, but anyway...) makes for a nice break. We just have 5 bottle babies right now. 2 are scheduled to be picked up, 1 will probably be sold as soon as I make a phone call (she's just a couple days old though), and then the last 2 are staying here ("Mr. Pug" and the Doris/Lando doeling, no name yet).

Right now we are milking 12 does, and they are all doing great in the milking department this year. Very nice to have milk again!!

Yesterday it rained a lot, and we were at this auction and it was soo muddy! Glad to have Muck boots :)!

We still have a little hay left if you would like to get some before the next truck load comes. Just email me!

Have a good day!



Eliya said...

Another name for the doeling popped into my head when reading this...
'Orlando' or 'Orlandis'