Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MoReen kidded

Here's Dream Weaver's MoReen just a few hours before she kidded, 4 days overdue (bad goaty!). . .
And guess what? She had a single doe kid! She looks like she could still have a couple more in there, but nope. That's alright I guess. Although if she did have more that would have been fine too, because I have a waiting list for kids. . .

Right now we don't have any kids available. This morning we had a Boer doe and her buckling, and a Nubian/Saanen/Alpine bottle buck available, but they are off to their new home now. The 3 other Mini Nubian buck kids' sales are pending, the big "Princess" doe kid's sale is pending also. So, that means we have NO more kids available until someone else kids, and that's not till March 15 (yes, YES!! a break!!).

SO, since Mo just had a single, I brought in another doe kid to be her crate buddy for the night. . .

Mo's doe kid today,

This is Doris' blue eyed doeling. We are keeping her. . . I had not planned to keep really any doe kids this year because we have a ton of yearlings, and I really don't feel like raising a bunch of kids this year (would rather just milk lots of does instead of milk lots of does and raise kids). But, Doris was bred to Lando, one of the bucks that we lost this winter. Since we don't have a Doris kid or a Lando kid, we decided to keep her. And so, since I am keeping her, we'll have to keep another doeling as a friend for her after all the other kids are sold, right? We'll see (I'm sure we will).
She's blue eyed and is a tiny little thing. She needs a name! Any suggestions? Her sire's name was Dreamy-Hollow's HHB Lando, and her dam's name is PawPawNin Ditzy Doris.

This little colorful buckling is suppose to be going to his new home tomorrow along with his brother,

baby goats everywhere!

And this is "Mr. Pug", I'll have to come up with a good name to register him as but for a barn name, "Pug" has stuck.

Have a good day! We're enjoying the sunshine today!



Linda said...

Baby goats are ALWAYS so cute!!!

Where the Acorns Fall said...

I am NO GOOD at naming, but after reading the parents names, "Landolin" popped into my head. It has NOTHING to do with the dam's name, but goodness I can't think of names that easy for my "babies" :)

Eliya said...

Cute kids! Makes me have a hard time waiting for my kids to be born. Our first ones are due on the 10th of March.
For Doris and Lando's cute little doeling, you could name her 'Landis' a cross between Lando and Doris. http://www.babycenter.com/baby-names-landis-81095.htm

Good Goats said...

Thank you gals for the ideas! I'll let ya'll know what we decide :).