Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bucklings. . . only 2 left!

Well, Saturday we had 6 bucklings for sale. . . now we have only 2 left available! That's the 2 LaManchas that are left. So, we only have 5 baby goats now. . . the Manchas, "Mr. Pug", Doris' doeling who we still haven't decided on a name for yet, and then MoReen's doeling who should be going to a home Sunday.

And if the does due went early, they could have their kids in as soon as 4 days - so don't worry, we should be busy with lots more baby goats soon enough!!

It's a nice sunny, beautiful day here in northeast Oklahoma! We've been busy selling goats and bunnies, and getting hay delivered.

Have a good evening!