Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I've been such a slacker on this blog lately, I'm sorry ;). . . but it's been nice and warm outside, and I haven't been on the computer much lately.

Grandma Maggie (Nubian doe), Vanilla (Nubian doe), and Wonder (LaMancha) are all back in the kidding stalls tonight. They are all VERY wide, we'll see how many kids we have born within the next week :)! I have a feeling I might be a bit busy. . . as if I'm not already busy enough ;).

A few weeks back I grabbed the camera and snapped a few photos in the milk room before milking one of the "rounds".

This is Athena (Snubian doe), kidded in February as a second freshener. Milking a gallon + a day.

 the first round of does in. . . a couple of the does on the stand have been in milk for 14+ months, so their udders aren't very full or pretty right now.

these does are sisters. On the left is Helena, been in milk for 14 months as a first freshener. On the right is Athena, kidded this February. See the difference :)!

Here's Abbey, the little pup, waiting for some milked to be dumped to her ;).

And she got her milk!

These are Vibe's 2 bucklings... they are such little princes!

Have a good night!



Brenda said...

You have some good looking does. It looks like they give you lots of milk. 14+ months of milking is pretty good for your first fresheners. I really like your milking stand too.