Monday, March 7, 2011

Finn lamb pics

I forgot that I was suppose to put pictures up of the new bottle lambs. So here's just a couple. The first picture is actually of an East Fresian ram lamb that was born early Saturday morning. The ewe had 2 ramlings. We (not me, LOL) pulled them when they were about 9 hours old because for 1) the ewe is a milk sheep and for 2) one of the ramlings was crying a lot, so we weren't sure if he was getting enough milk.
So anyway, my sister was checking the crying one out a noticed that the lamb had NO anal opening - wow, that was a surprise! He was obviously in pain and would not drink, so he was humanely put down a few hours later. But, his brother is doing great and his momma is being milked 2x a day and is giving a good amount of milk for a sheep. BUT let me make this clear - I do not milk sheep, hahaha!

this is the colored Finn ramling,

some of the other Finn lambs,

The other day we had a few extra gallons of milk, so I made a few batches of cheese. SO good and nice to have again! I'm very much looking forward to when I can get back into making lots of cheeses and butter again, Lord willing.

Have a good day, gotta go milk!



Jennifer said...

They are very cute! I had heard of goat kids being born like that as well in very rare cases but I have never personally seen one.