Friday, March 18, 2011


Finally, some pictures! Buttermilk had 2 bucklings and Reata had 2 bucklings. They are both out of the same sire and the moms are full sisters. So, go figure, the 4 bucklings look almost identical. If you really look at them they do look different, but they were too hard to tell apart so I marked Buttermilk's 2 boys with a green livestock marker to tell them apart ;). It's fading off now so I have to redo it.

one of the 4 boys,

This is Buttermilk's little doeling. She is pretty cute I think!

Here's the "red doe" and her two kids. She doesn't care for people, can you tell ;)?

not a great photo, but the doeling is on the left, buckling on the right.

That's all the goat pictures for now. Wednesday morning though, my Mom went and picked up 17 (yes, seventeen!) more sheep. . . it's alright though, they sell quick ;)! There were several rams in the bunch and they all have pretty nice horn racks. I think we are going to keep a few of them for breeding.

Have a good day!



Brenda said...

Cute babies! That ram looks quite majestic. He's beautiful.