Thursday, March 17, 2011

Busy life

Sorry for not blogging more lately. . . life in general has just been busy. Wednesday morning it was looking like a few does were going to kid that day, Reata (Buttermilk's sister, 50% Boer/Nubian) and one of my brother's new red meat does (half Spanish, half something, maybe Kiko).

Around 11:30am Reata kidded to big twin bucklings. The first one came out easily, the second one just came out with a head, so I had to go in way past my wrist to find one of his front legs (they were tucked way back in there), and he came out. Of course, Reata is a wimp and was screaming the whole time, LOL. She's milking well and the bucklings are nursing great (as pretty much all Boer bucklings do :)). Their sire is Wilber, a Boer/Nubian buck that we had this past Fall.

There was enough time for me to clean up from that, get everyone settled, eat lunch and then I ran out to check on the meat doe that was in labor. She had kidded to a buckling and doeling, still soaking wet. Thankfully she had them with no problems and all, because she is very leery of people. I have no pictures of either Reata's kids or this doe's kids, but this meat doe's kids are very cute and different - the buckling is a silver color and the doeling is white with a little grey on her head.

The next doe is due March 26th, and that is "Wonder" (the previously hairless LaMancha). . . I hope all goes well with her. Her hair loss stopped a few weeks ago, so hopefully that is a good sign. She's on day 141 today. Then after that Vanilla and Grandma Maggie (both PB Nubian does) are due March 31st. And lots more after that.

I've got to go feed my baby goats, and then load who knows how many hay bales :).

Have a good day,



Brenda said...

Kidding season is a very busy time of the year! I'll be glad when all of my yearling first fresheners finish kidding. I've been watching several of them closely.... between all the other stuff going on here at the farm.

It sounds like you have some pretty babies.