Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LaMancha kids, more kids on the way!

Saturday afternoon Wonder was in the early stages of labor. I kept checking on her and finally around 6:30pm she kidded to two beautiful kids, a buck and a doe. They were alive and healthy - I was SO relieved! Wonder is the LaMancha/Nubian doe who lost all her hair last year and kidded to stillborn kids. So, needless to say, I was a little bit nervous before she had her kids Saturday evening wondering/hoping that they would be alive. I think she was iodine deficient because she started to loose her hair a few months ago, I started supplementing her with Kelp, her hair grew all the way back and she birth live kids. A happy ending and lesson learned, yay!

I uploaded the pictures from the camera and there were not any pictures of Wonder's kids. Oh well, I'll have to take some and upload them later.

I'm thinking our old Nubian doe, "Grandma Maggie", will probably kid today. She is on day 149 and last night her udder filled up. If she has a doeling, I'll most likely keep it. She is bred to our little blue eyed Nigerian Dwarf buckling.

Vanilla, another Nubian doe, is looking very wide. I don't think she'll go today but we'll see.

Yesterday was my birthday... turned 17 ;). Not much out of the ordinary happened but I had a good day.

It's been so cold here the past week - I am SO ready for Summer!!

Have a good day!