Monday, April 4, 2011

More kids!

Wednesday afternoon "Grandma Maggie" (Laports Mahogany Sage) kidded to 2 bucklings. Was hoping for a doeling but that's alright. These little guys are crazy. Their sire is our Nigerian Dwarf buck Berry. If anyone is looking for a cute buckling... let me know :)!

Friday afternoon Vanilla (Nubian doe) kidded to a buckling and doeling. Their sire is our LaMancha buck, Ranger. . . that's where their tiny ears come from ;). The birth was a little bit interesting. Vanilla was having a few of these super hard contractions every now and then. We've had the same type of thing happen to a few other does and there was always a problem - like big stuck kids, or one doe had a small dead kid stuck back in there. It's just happened a few times, but every time without fail there's been a problem. So, obviously we were a little concerned. I could feel a bubble up in there. Slowly it came down, and the placenta bubble was there, plus another bubble. We helped a little bit and the first kid came out (buckling), then immediately the second kid came out (doeling), and then the placenta. Everything came out in one big bang :)! I think both kids/everything must've been trying to come out at the same time. There was a ton of fluid and blood from both the sacks, both cords breaking and the placenta. But everyone is well!

These two kids are rather large too, not small things.

the doeling. . . I think we are planning on keeping her, and right now her name is "Flipper" ;),

the buckling,

Now we are waiting on Verona and Maple Nut to kid...

Well, yesterday it was 80 degrees and sunny (nice, I am SO ready for summer to come!!) and today it's windy, cloudy and 50 out. This weather changing isn't good for all the animals, but we live in Oklahoma.. what should I expect ;)?

Have a great day!