Monday, April 11, 2011

Verona kidded...

Late Friday morning Verona kidded to triplets. First was a beautiful, "perfect" doe kid with blue eyes. Second, a breach buckling came flying out - and he was TINY, the smallest kid I had ever seen. He weighed 2 lbs. After a little issue with the cord breaking (which we got dealt with), a third kid came out - a normal sized buckling, with blue eyes.

The little guy is doing great, and is just adorable. He looks like a little toy. The doeling is also doing good. The second buckling was eating and all, but all four of his feet were tight and folded up, so he didn't stand by himself for the first day. His legs have gotten stronger and he is able to stand now on his own, but could use splints on his legs. He will be going to a pet home where he will be rehabilitated and loved :).

the second buckling coming out... I thought it was a neat pic because you can see the kids head still in the sac,

this is the tiny little boy, he is so sweet. The first 24 hrs of his life I carried him around in this basket with me everywhere I went ;).

"tiny boy", or "Fighter", this evening. . . 

Friday my brother bought a calf. . . it's a heifer, and she's an older bottle calf. Since we have extra milk right now, she is getting bottled 2x a day.

Today I went with my brothers to go get some hogs that were in the trap, and took the camera along... so here's a few photos. All the trees are budding, getting leaves, and everything is getting green again - makes me happy!

just 2 guilts,

I'm tired, have a good night!



Candi said...

Don't you just love those itty bitty kids to spoil! LOL!
Are you all going to raise the heifer for a future family milker?

Good Goats said...

No, no milk cow's around here - with my little brother's high allergy to cow dairy, no cow milk products are allowed in the house :). . . (well, sometimes a few things are but they are eaten fast and not often, LOL).

So nope, we're just going to raise her and resale her. We did a holstein steer last year, got a heifer this year.