Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6th pics!

The past couple of weeks my brothers have been slowly working on another pasture fence. This will make it so no animals are kept up by the front gates - much better! We've been wanting to do this for a long time now it'd just been getting put on the "back burner". But, it's finally done and very nice. It gives the animals a lot more room. We close them up in the smaller yards at night (this will be one of the "smaller" yards, although it's a couple acres) and then in a few days after their bellies are used to the green grass, we'll let them out on the other 40 acres during the day.

So, my little sister had the camera out there this morning. . . here's a handful of pics!

Me and the pups checking the fence line to make sure no one can get out!

this is one of the gates that heads out to the back 40,

buds on the trees! Yay, summer is comin'!!


Honey Bun,

a few lambs,

the llamas,


The sheep, and Hug (close up),


the one Tunis sheep and her ram lamb,

Vibe and her bucklings,

Have a good day everyone!