Monday, April 25, 2011

Aruba & Journey kidded... huge kids!

Wednesday morning Aruba (Bar-Jon Hershey's Aruba, PB Alpine doe) kidded to a huge single buckling out of our LaMancha buck Ranger. . . wish I could have bred the Alpine does Alpine, but the Alpine buckling was being rather lame. Anyway, she didn't have much trouble with the kidding and the buckling is gorgeous (although he looks LaMancha, haha!). He was 9 1/2 pounds at birth.

And yes, he was a single. The small kid with him in the 2 pictures below is Tic-Tac, the 2 lb baby goat! 9 1/2 lbs is a WHOLE lot bigger than 2 lbs. But, in the photos, Tic-Tac, at a week and a half old, was almost 5 lbs ;).

Early Saturday afternoon Journey went into labor, and after a rough delivery - the kid (another huge kid) was trying to come out upside down. If she was smaller it sure would've been easier! Thankfully we finally got her out and all was well. I didn't weigh her but she had to have been about 10 lbs. And yup, she was a single also and out of the LaMancha buck. . . never again (although they are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l kids), simply because the crossbreds are big and hard on the does and because... I prefer ears :).

And while I'm at it, how could I not put up a recent picture of Mr. Tic-Tac? He's so sweet!

I also haven't put up a picture of Roxy, my dog, lately either. She's recovered so well from being rescued and really looks like a different dog. She listens so well and is so sweet.

We've been getting so much RAIN lately it's quite crazy. Northeast Oklahoma has turned into a big lake! It's great for the ground though and makes everything so green... great! I went out today with some of my family and shopped, everything was flowing! We got out the normal way, but on the way home the bridge had overflowed and was going pretty good! So since we had the livestock trailer we decided to go around the long way and no risk getting pushed down stream :). We got lots of great pictures and videos. It was a blast!

Have a good night y'all!



Eliya said...

"We got lots of great pictures and videos"
Can we see some of them?! It sounds like you all have really gotten hammered by the weather lately. Did you all have any tornadoes go near you?

Congrats on the new kids! We have had 34 MiniNubian kids born and are waiting on two more does to kid, but they aren't due 'til the end of May...


Good Goats said...

Sure can! I'll put a post up in a second. . . just had to get the pics from my sis ;).
There was a tornado headed away from us about 30 minutes one way, and then about 20 minutes the opposite way some of my family who were in town at the time saw a tornado, but I guess it didn't last long... did last long enough for my Grandma and some friends who live in that area to go down in the storm shelter!

We've had 42 kids born, and have 5 does left to kid spaced out over the next 2 months... really didn't want to be kidding that late in the summer but oh well :).