Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Goats Amarelli Chicci

Good Goats Amarelli Chicci is a third generation Mini Nubian doe that was born on our farm in California. We brought her out to Oklahoma with us as a kid, and later that year she was sold because we had to sell some goats. Well, she's kidded twice now and has grown a lot (duh!). Anyway, we got her back on Sunday with her 2 bucklings that were nursing on her. She looks great, has grown a lot and I can see both her sire and dam in her (the way she's built). Her ear's are not the greatest, especially since she is an F3 but our third generation buck, Wonderful Farm Shinning Topaz, should correct that in the kids.

So, here's Chicci!

Yesterday morning I pulled the bucklings off and Chicci is doing great on the milk stand. Speaking of, I need to go offer those bucklings a bottle again and see if they'll take it.

Have a good day,



WeldrBrat said...

I think this is the third or fourth time I've heard of animals coming back to their original owners within the past two years. Honestly - I think that's pretty cool!

Linda said...

How old are the bucklings?

Good Goats said...

They are 5 weeks old. They have both successfully been turned into bottle babies now - yay!