Friday, March 4, 2011

a quick update

Just a quick update. It rained today. All the goats are doing good and in a few days we'll probably be back in full swing of kidding again. . . this break has been really nice! Right now there are 12 does in milk, 3 of those are still milking from last year (and are a bit "stale" as I like to call them), but everyone is milking great - I've been really happy with the girls and so thankful for the production.

The other day half the family came home with 3 donkeys and a hinny (a male horse crossed with a female donkey). Interesting.

the Hinny,

All the lambs are doing good and growing up fast. This little ram isn't that old, but his horns are growing pretty quick!

This is the one and only Tunis lamb - a ramling. He's kinda funny looking, LOL.

Speaking of sheep, today we brought home 4 bottle baby lambs. They are just a few days old and are Finn sheep. Look up Finn sheep - they're pretty cool, at least from what I hear. I'll  have to put up some pictures of these lambs though - they are hilarious looking, and have gotten quite a bit of comments around here :). In a few days they should be cuter (I hope).

Below is a picture of Roxy doing her morning and evening routine - "playing" with the cat. She's pretty rough with him, but the cat doesn't run away and actually starts the "play/fight" some of the time ;).

Have a good weekend ya'll.



Brenda said...

You're always busy around your farm. And, getting new animals all the time. That has to keep things interesting!

Good Goats said...

LOL, you definitely got that right, Brenda! It sure does keep things interesting.