Tuesday, March 15, 2011

the break is over...

Edited to add photos...

Our nice little few week long break from does kidding is finally over! Saturday morning it was beautiful and warm, and one of our Boer does, RLWB Vibe kidded to big twin bucklings. They are being dam-raised, of course.

Then yesterday right before I was starting to milk, a 50% Boer/Nubian doe, Buttermilk, kidded to triplets - 2 bucklings and 1 doeling. All of them are taking their bottles well and Buttermilk is milking good also. Buttermilk's full sister, Reata, is looking like she may go soon too!! Here's a couple pictures of the 1 buckling and doeling. For some reason there is no picture of the third kid (buckling).

Have a good day!



Candi said...

baby kids are so cute! Thank you for sharing the pictures!