Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Just a few pictures from today.

things are turning GREEN!

down to 5 bottle baby goats, 3 bucks/2 does,

the little black LaMancha buckling... I have to admit, I think he's pretty cute :).

this one on the other hand... not as cute as the black one, LOL!

a peaking kid! Mo's doeling,

snoozing babies!

This lamb was born this morning. I was awoke to Mom running up the stairs, waking a few folks up cause there was a crazy sheep with a huge, stuck lamb running around. So we went out there, all in our Muck boots and shorts (LOL!), grabbed the ewe (took a little bit) and pulled this monster out. Thankfully he was still alive (his tongue had been purple)! All are doing well now and he looks about half the size of his momma when he stands up!

Bye for now!