Monday, January 4, 2010

Various Things

Well, I am on kidding watch. Earlier today I gave 4 does "kidding haircuts" (udder and back end shaving). One of them also had some mucus earlier today. . . so we are just waiting and checking on them every so often.

It is VERY cold here right now. The Weather Channel says it's 0 F degrees here.... BRRR (especially for a southern California girl!)!! I hope everyone else and their animals are doing fine with this cold. We are so far doing fine. I am very ready for warm weather!

The baby goats are doing good. They are still in the house. . . spoiled babies! I used one of those red piglet heating pads last year and it worked great. This year I plugged it in and it is not working. So, I have to figure something else out to keep the kids warm outside because I am not going to just put them out there since it is WAY to cold for them. Maybe a small doghouse (used one last year and it worked just fine) or something else. I will not use a heat lamp though as I have heard of too many stories of barns burning down from them.

Today the order of bottle nipples came from Nasco! Yay, before more kids were born! I only had 1 good nipple left so was hoping the new ones would get here in time.

Well, with the weather and all, our hay truck has not been able to get here. They got lots of snow where he is coming from. So they cleared the roads today and he is planning on heading out in the morning. . . hopefully he makes it this time!

Time for bed! Have a good night,