Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Action on the Ranch

Early yesterday morning, about 1:30 AM, Vibe had 2 kids, a buck and a doe. Both were already out, but still wet. I was out there for a little over half an hour. We blow-dried them, warmed them up, and made sure they were nursing. Back to bed.

Vibe and her 2 kids, the doeling has a dark head, the buckling has a light head.

Then yesterday morning was going as usual. . . milking, feeding, bottling, eating breakfast. . . etc. Mom, the kidos, and some friends were planning on leaving in a bit to go down the road a few miles to see some "Frozen Falls" - water falls that were frozen. I checked on Mo before leaving, and decided not to go since she was acting funny. Mom went out and checked her, and she was pushing :)! So that stalled the waterfall adventure for a little over an hour ;).
Mo had a buckling and doeling. Both very big kids for her, but they came out pretty well. Their sire is Junior Mint, who she's been bred to before, but these kids look much different! They are cute, but different :). Here's some pictures of them from this morning.

the doeling. . . she is cute, but funny. . .

she has a funny pattern on her face/nose, so at the moment we are calling her "Clown"!

the buckling,

he has really long, fluffy hair.

So, off they went. I stayed and went riding with Stacy. You can read about our adventure here. (By the way, my nickname is Sam :)).

Here's some pictures from the "Frozen Falls." Pretty cool looking. There were a LOT of photos taken, so I just chose a few.

Well, I don't have much else to update on at the moment. Have a good day!