Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you! We had a good party last night. . . this is kind of funny, but we hung a net up in the ceiling of the house, on the "rafters" and filled the net with balloons (the house used to be a barn [now converted to a house] so the ceiling is very high). When it was midnight - the New Year - we let the netting down and a ton of balloons came falling down :). Here's a pic (the toiled paper rolls were my brothers' way of keeping the net down so the balloons wouldn't fall out :)!).

And there was LOTS and LOTS of food,

On another note, last night and today it was SO COLD! I think it got down to 7 degrees or something like that. All the animals are doing fine though. . . no one seemed to mind it anymore than usual.

This is Caleb on the frozen pond, the other day,

Grass with ice crystals on it this morning. . . thought it was pretty,

I think we are going to have more baby goats VERY soon. I noticed late this morning, LaWanda's udder got very full. She is due the 5th. So I'm watching her very closely. I really would like her to wait until morning as I don't like dealing with middle of the night births :). . . but whatever God has planned. She is very huge - I think she might have triplets (she's had that many before).

Well, I have to go to bed. Have a good night!