Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Busy Day!

Whew, well, I am so tired right now. Just doing a quick post since I probably won't be able to do one till next week.

This morning Mom and most of the kidos went to pick up some goats - Boers.

Around lunch I noticed that Lizzie (reg'd Nubian/Alpine doe) was in labor, on day 149 today. So I just kept checking on her and finally the first kid came out - easy birth. A buckling. Me and Lizzie cleaned him off for a little while and then another kid was coming. Another buckling, and he was so BIG! I helped pop his head out and then pulled pretty hard and he came out - and it seemed like he just "kept coming" because he's so big! She cleaned him just for a minute and then a third bubble... another buckling. His birth was kind of strange, as his head and shoulders came out, and since Lizzie was standing up I was holding him, helping him out. His hips would not come very easily though, and he was trying to breath. So I held him there, while he was half-in and half-out, cleaned his face, and then pulled the rest of the way. Not too hard, but that was a new one for me.
Their sire is Lando, a Mini Nubian, so they are 3 unregisterable bucklings, that eat a TON! They are all kids with big appetites! Some photos... they all have big eyes ;).

the first buckling

second buckling... the big guy

and the last boy,

So, I fed those kids, put them in their crate. Got the big kids' bottles ready and fed them. Then the hay truck came pulling in, so off I went to unload hay. Although, I didn't help much this time as the guys did most of it (thanks guys!). After that, I came home, milked and fed hay out, bottled the new babies and off to the livestock auction (for a couple butcher hogs). And now, I fed the babies and they have to be fed again in about 2 1/2 hours and I am super tired... so have a good night!



Brenda said...

Wow! You really had a very busy day! The babies are really cute. I'm glad they were all born safely and that you were there to help. It's funny ... no matter how tired we are and how long the day has been ... there's just something about birthing kids that sets aside the tire feelings ... well at least temporarily! I really enjoy reading your blog - Brenda

Suriyah said...

Thank you Brenda! I enjoy writing the blog so I am glad you like reading it. Have a great day!