Monday, January 11, 2010

Hard Kidding

Well, it was suggested that I give a little more detail on Rhia's kidding. We were hoping that she would have them when we were home (though all of us are rarely all gone) because I just had this feeling that she was going to need help. Thankfully, she did.
She was having contractions and pushing some, then this bubble popped and TON of fluid/mucus/gunk came bursting out. Not that weird. Every contraction after that, a lot more mucus would come out. I began to wonder if she was having a cloud burst pregnancy (where, I believe, they just "give birth" to a bunch of mucus). It was not, praise the Lord ;)!
The first kid, the doeling, needed a small amount of pulling. Nothing too bad.
The second kid, the buckling, was huge and needed some help. All we saw were 2 front feet, not good! My mom went in and said she could not find the head, then could just barely feel it. So, I went in and his head was there. I think when she pulled her hand out, that his head came with her. So I grabbed behind his ears, and PULLED really hard a couple of times. He just barely moved, but it was enough and I pulled him out. It was a hard one!! But they are all doing great.

I wanted to thank a family that bought 4 of our bucklings, and are going to keep them in their house! Brave, or is that crazy :)!?! Until MoReen, who is on DAY 153 (!) today kids, and Vibe the Boer, we only have 1 buckling left who is already accounted for, a few doelings we are going to keep, and 2 doelings that are available (will post about them later, Lord willing).

For now, I have to go. Have a great day.

the frozen pond the other day. . . today it is thawing out. We went ice sliding on it ;).