Friday, January 15, 2010

Hug's buckling

I wanted to say congratulations to Michelle and her family for being able to get Hug's buckling, and Thank You for giving him and so many other goats (that used to be ours) a great home! He is SUCH a nice buckling. . . thin, wide and long ears, very colorful, and had a nice body. Beautiful buckling! I took a few pictures of him before he left. . . they are not too great as he was trying to follow me ;).

We got some wood shavings for the kids' pen. . . much needed. I'll have to take some pictures in their neat and clean pen. . . although it might not be that way now. This is a pic from yesterday, the kids wanting me to play with them ;).

I am so glad the weather has warmed up some, it's been like 45 the past few days - very warm compared to what it was!

The next goat due is Lizzie, the Nubian/Alpine doe. She's on day 142 today.

Bye for now!