Thursday, January 28, 2010


Well, I think it is time for an update. . . although, it seems I have not been doing much other than moving hay... and more hay! The past few days a lot of folks came and picked their hay up, so mainly me and my younger brother have been loading and unloading a lot of hay (because, it is so muddy in front of the barn where the hay is, that no one can drive through it unless they have 4-wheel drive, and not many do). So it's been double the work. But, I enjoy it.

Yesterday some friends of ours' who got into goats this past summer/fall, had their first babies! Of course, they called every 10 minutes telling us how it was progressing. It was their new MiniMancha doe, and she had 2 bucklings. Since they are bottle feeding them, they brought them over to our house last night. And I have to say, goats with little ears are SO CUTE!!
They are both going to be for sale (at a good price), so if you are looking for a MiniMancha buck (or wether), email me!

The weather has been really nice the past week, but now it we are having frozen rain and suppose to get a little snow tonight and tomorrow. There is already a fair amount of ice outside... I thought maybe we were done with the cold! Oh well...

I'm going to do another post with pictures of horse training this morning.