Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time to Disbud!

Well, this morning we disbudded 7 kids. Not the most enjoyable job, but it has to be done. Everyone smells like burnt hair when we are done. . . yuck! But, my sister took pictures of when we did one of the kids, and I thought it might be educational for some of you.

The supplies -
the disbudding iron, Solarcaine, Blu-Kote, and a bottle of milk (to comfort the kid :)).

My brother holds the kid, Mom does the iron, and I blow the smoke away and spray the stuff on.

Pretty good burn. You want a complete copper ring around the whole thing so that nothing grows back.

I then spray Solarcaine on it, and it helps it quit burning and calms the kid down.

Doing the other side,

All done! Here she is finishing a bottle while I spray the Blu-Kote on. You can use other things than Blu-Kote. We are almost out, and I think I will buy an AlumiKote, that way not everything gets purple when we disbud ;)!

After that, we cleaned all the stalls and I made the kid stall bigger, and put the new kids out. I'll try to get more pictures later of them playing ;).



Martha Ann said...

Thank you for posting this. We have linked to it here at We have you in our Google Reader and follow you regularly!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great blog and pictures. I am a beginner goat farmer and have two due in a couple months. I would like to disbud my girls when they are born and this gives a very good visual and example of how to do it.

Thanks again,