Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kid Playday

Friday afternoon we took all the babies outside for some fresh air/sun and to run around. Here's some pictures.

This is how it all started. . . the kids following me from their stall out to the goat pen area. The followed me surprisingly well!!

One of the llamas meets the Boer buckling,

Boer buckling playing. . . Boer babies are very cute!

Doelings tasting something. The two that you can see (in front :)), on the left is "Fatty Maddy" ('Maddy'); and on the right is "Drama Queen" ('Drama'), LOL!

Running kids!

the "2 legged" and "4 legged" kids running,

Well, I guess not a whole lot else going on. I am hoping to be able to take the babies outside again today. . . we'll see, it looks like it is going to rain. The next hay load is suppose to come Thursday, hopefully everything will work out!