Tuesday, January 5, 2010

LaWanda kidded

Whew, what a day. LaWanda did kid. . . pretty shortly after my last post, around 12:30pm or so. I told her she had to have them before the hay truck came, and she did! We delivered the kids - the first one, a buck, all I could see was a tail. Great. So mom went in a little first and started to pull (since he was small enough to come out butt-first). Then she said, "I'm scared", LOL! So I finished :). Then another bubble came, and another bubble - both doelings were trying to come out at once. But thankfully the one was a lot farther down than the third one so I helped her out also, and the last one came plopping out. They are actually huge kids though! They all have VERY long legs and are just adorable. The sire is PawPawNin Quiet Wyatt. So far, I think the buckling is polled and the doelings are not.

After that, we took the kids inside, cleaned and fed them, put them in their crate. Then I ate almost all my lunch and the hay truck came driving by. So off I went to unload hay. It went well (thanks Justin!). All the animals were very excited tonight to have their good hay back ;).

Then it was time to come home, feed the baby goats, milk, feed hay out, eat dinner, dance a few line dances. . . and now I am exhausted and ready for bed! I have to get to bed to get a little sleep before all the kids have to be fed again at midnight... we'll see if I get to :).

Well, here are some photos of the "New Kids on the Block"!

The buckling,

doeling #1,

doeling #2 - she is MUCH cuter than she looks in this pic!